5 Kickstarter Products that Make Travelling Easier

This is a guest post by Tim Chan, a cheerful pessimist who is always thinking. He is the principal and marketing strategist at Coracle Marketing. Tim and his wife, Olive, blog together at www.timandolive.com and live with their 2 daughters near Vancouver, Canada. Tim is excited to be part of the team launching the Veego Stand, a light, portable, attachable laptop stand, available on Kickstarter now.

Travelling has many rewards, but it comes with its unique set of challenges. I’ve had the privilege to travel to France, Spain, Morocco, Israel, India, Thailand, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Panama, Mexico, and across North America. And as my very travel-seasoned friend Ricky Shetty of Daddy Blogger will tell you, travelling well is a skill that is developed with practice.

When it comes to travelling, I’m grateful for designers and inventors among us who create new products to help us out. Kickstarter is a great place to find innovative ideas and helpful gadgets that make travelling easier.

If you travel frequently or are often on-the-go, you’ll want to check out these new products currently available on Kickstarter:

PAXTER | Starting at $21USD | Available till Dec 16, 2017

PAXTER | Smart Travel / Gym Container For Hygiene Products

When I travel, I like to bring my own shampoo, soap, and conditioner, because you never know what’s available where you’re staying (especially if you’ll be staying in multiple locations). But it’s a hassle having multiple bottles to carry around.

The PAXTER is a compact way to transport your personal hygiene needs. It includes three refillable compartments for liquids, ideal for products such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner, as well as one waterproof compartment and one special toothbrush compartment. Instead of having to carry around multiple bottles and bags, the PAXTER makes it easy to take everything you need when you travel.

MYMUG | Starting at $21 USD for 12oz mug (pictured) | Available till Nov 17, 2017

MYMUG | The Last Mug You’ll Ever Need. 100 Year  Guarantee!

I always bring a travel mug with me, because sometimes it’s hard to find a place to get a drink. When travelling I need a travel mug that’s spill proof, doesn’t break, and keeps my hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. And it would be nice if it’s microwaveable and dishwasher safe. MYMUG is all these things.

MYMUG is a sleek looking travel mug that feels like ceramic but is made with a composite material that is virtually unbreakable. They’re so confident in the design and material that it’s guaranteed for a century!

Handbandz | Starting at $10 USD | Available until November 15, 2017

The Original Handbandz™ | Ergonomic | No More Phone Drops

Have you ever dropped your phone when you travel? I have. When I’m travelling I’m often checking my phone for flight updates, maps, or information. The problem is that there’s so much moving around, bags to keep track of, and a kid (two in our case, or three in Ricky’s case) to save from themselves. This is why I’m interested in the Handbandz.

Handbandz keep your iPhone attached securely to your hand so that you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone when you’re travelling. So convenient!

X-ROD | Starting at $69 USD | Available until November 24, 2017

X-ROD| The Ultimate Car Phone Holder

Ever rent a car when travelling? We often do. The problem is, where do you stick your phone? Most of the car rentals we get don’t have phone holders. I need to look at Google Maps to know where I’m driving to. That’s where X-ROD comes in.

X-ROD is a phone mount for the car that uses a tension rod and strong magnetic pads, eliminating the need for suction cups, adhesives, or blocking your air vents. It’s fully adjustable and allows you to see easily while driving. The only thing I’m curious about is how small it folds and how portable it is.

Veego Stand | Starting at $35 USD | Available until November 30, 2017

Veego Stand | The Easy Ergonomic Companion for your Laptop

I always bring my laptop with me when I travel. As an entrepreneur, I’m likely sneaking in some work whenever I go. The problem with using a laptop while travelling is that it’s not great for posture. “Laptop hunch” leads to sore shoulders, neck, and back, which is an extra pain when travelling. I usually use a laptop stand at home, but I don’t want to bring extra stuff with me when I travel. That’s why I love the Veego Stand.

The Veego Stand is a light, thin, attachable laptop stand that’s as easy to carry around as your laptop. Unlike most laptop stands that are either cumbersome or require you to carry around an additional keyboard and mouse, the Veego Stand helps to relieve neck and shoulder pain from “laptop hunch” without the bulk. As an entrepreneur who often has to use my laptop on-the-go, I had the privilege of working with my friend, Kelvin, who developed the Veego Stand. Set up is easy, taking only 2 seconds, and when folded, it slides effortlessly into your laptop case or bag. The Veego Stand makes working on the go more comfortable without feeling like you’re carrying anything extra.

Remember, Kickstarter projects are time-sensitive. So claim the ones you’re interested in before the opportunity is gone. Here’s to easier travelling!