3 Success Strategies for Dads in 2018

3 Success Strategies for Dads in 2018

Written by guest blogger Joel Gardner

Dr Joel Gardner

It is a new year – a time to create positive changes. In this blog post, I share how to improve your own success as a father (or mother). With my incredible wife, I have used these strategies to help our family grow, to perform as a professional, and even write a book on how to get the most important things done in life.

3 Success Strategies

Here are three key strategies you can use to be a great dad.

1) Choose Your Focus

A great dad focuses on his family. This means working to support that family, and providing opportunities to work, teach, and play with your children each day. Now, dads, this does not mean that you have to stop all other activities – Skyrim, civil war reenacting, karate, or volunteer work all have their place. It simply means that to be a great dad, you must give your family first priority. Choose to focus on your family, and you have made the right choice.

2) Eliminate Distractions

A great dad eliminates distracting people, media, and clutter from his life. This means limiting social media time, avoiding violent or salacious media, and staying away from the people and circumstances that distract you from being a great dad. I know many dads who have given away their greatness to addictions, excessive habits, and negative relationships. You do not want to join that group. Consider the following:

  • What habits do you have in your life that limit your ability to be a great dad?
  • What individual or group of people interferes with your fatherly greatness?

All worthwhile endeavors require sacrifice. Resolve to eliminate the most distracting obstacle from your life now.

3) Optimize Yourself

A great dad takes care of his own health. If you do not care for your body, mind, and spirit, you cannot be a great dad. What should you do to optimize yourself as a dad? Consider the following.

  • Sleep. 7 to 9 hours is recommended.
  • Nutrition. No junk food – eat whole foods.
  • Exercise. Weightlifting, cardio, sports – whatever keeps you active.
  • Spirituality. Read scripture, attend worship services, meditate, or pray – whatever keeps you spiritually grounded.
  • Personal rejuvenation. Date nights, time with your friends, hobbies – be sure to do what restores and rejuvenates you.

Start Now

Imagine yourself as the father you would like to be. Consider the strategies above and decide to be a greater dad in 2018. Take action now and you will not regret it.

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Joel Gardner

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