YVR Dads at Dueck Richmond

We have all heard of the Knight’s Round Table, but what about a Dad’s Round Table?

Tonight, at Dueck Richmond, a group of passionate dads met to learn, connect, and grow both personally and professionally! Usually, all our dads sit down classroom style facing the front of the room to hear from our line-up of guest speakers. It’s speaker and audience. However, since it was a smaller group tonight, we met around the round table upstairs in the Dueck Board Room where staff have their sales and training meetings. On a rainy day with the Canucks game on in a suburb far from where a lot of dads live, it was extremely encouraging to see these dads show up…and showing up is half the battle!

There is something powerful about a committed group of passionate dads meeting up around a round table…not to discuss work or business or sales or politics or sports…but to discuss and connect around what’s truly important: fatherhood and family. These dads stand out in a day and age of fatherlessness with divorce rates rising at an alarming 50%+, missing father figures becoming more and more common, and single moms doing the entire parenting. Where are the dads? Luckily, there are some dads fighting the trend of fatherless by being actively involved and engaged in the parenting process.

The evening started with Emmanuel Kobas, sales manager for Dueck Richmond, sharing the story of the family-run Dueck Auto Group. Next, Ali Fadaie, father of a one year old son Ryan, shared about his brand new book “Financial Samurai.” This was followed by a talk by Klint Rodgers, father of seven year old Jade, discussing different ways we can invest in our kids’ futures. Finally, our keynote speaker Andrew McGivern, father of three children (a 3 year old and twins girls who are only 4 months old) talked about “Work-Life Balance.” We then got a tour of the show room by Joel Rivera, a passionate sales and leasing consultant from Dueck Richmond.

So, can a small group of committed dads change the world? Yes, we can…by becoming better men, better fathers, and better husbands. Much like the Knights of the Round Table changed the course of world history…so too can our Dads Round Table: one dad at a time!

A special thank you to Dueck Auto Group for hosting YVR Dads for the past three months – we are extremely grateful for their warm hospitality and welcoming spirit.

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Dads Round Table