The Joy of Being a Dad

It’s the small things that are the big things. Lately, I have been so focused on building my businesses that I haven’t been spending as much quality time with my kids. Plus, even when I am with them, I find that I am focused on my business still. My wife really challenged me on this issue over the weekend. So, today, I turned off my computer and left my mobile at home to take Rianne to play! Usually, when I take her out to play, I still have my phone and will get lured into checking my email, going on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or other Social Media platforms , or texting people and “working while playing.”

However, today, I just played. No work. Just 100% focused, pure play…and it was so much fun! I could focus fully on what Rianne wanted to do, what she was trying to say, what she wanted to communicate through her 21 month old toddler heart. The amazing thing is that not only did she want to play more…so did I! My clients could wait, my business could wait, my email inbox could remain unread but this special moment couldn’t wait. It was here to stay – and will continue to stay in my heart and in my memories. Lately, I’ve been missing these special memory-forming moments with my own excuse for “being too busy.”

What’s even more amazing is that focused time with my daughter actually energized me even more. After she went to bed for her afternoon nap, I was able to accomplish more. It’s funny because my productivity increased even though the amount of time on my business decreased and with my family increased. It was just that the time with my daughter enabled me to be more focused on the tasks that were really important in my business. So, I learned the important lesson of focused, undivided attention today. I think I’ll be leaving home without my mobile more often…it’s life-changing!

There is so much joy in being a father! All we need to do is switch off our phones, turn off our computers, remove the distractions and focus fully on our kids…there is so much joy in just being a dad! It’s something I’m learning and will continue to learn.