My Struggles as a Dad

I am excited to launch a new series on my blog called “My Struggles as a Dad.” It’s easier to focus on and write about the good stuff and make it appear that everything Is always positive all the time. I tend to be an optimist and happy-go-lucky yet I also want to share both the good and the bad. It would be nice if everything was 100% positive all the time. However, that’s simply not reality. I want to be real, transparent, open, and honest.

The main reason I will be sharing my struggles is to have an outlet and a place to process my thoughts. Even if no one else reads it ever, it’s first about my own journey into my vulnerability and authenticity. I appreciate and value that you will be joining me in my journey to go deeper and be more vulnerable. I hope that these words encourage and inspire you to also get in touch with your inner wounds and express them openly and without shame or guilt.

It’s amazing because over the last couple of weeks two different people have come over to our place and said to me directly, “You need to be vulnerable.” First was Daniel Chen and the second was Meeka Caissie. I am so grateful for these two friends that they cared enough about me to challenge me to be more authentic in what I write about and when I do my public presentations. Lastly, I went to a 3 day Rock The Stage event led by Karen McGregor and my major take-away was that I need to be vulnerable.

So, over my last few presentations, I have been very transparent about my childhood, the lack of a strong father figure, and the divorce of my parents. I used to hide it, cover it up, and avoid it totally. However, there is incredible power in releasing it publicly. I have had several people come up to me and say they were very moved by my story and they understand my desire to be a strong father much better after finding out more of my personal story and the reason why I do what I do.

There are 10 areas that I want to open up about:

1) My Relationship with My Dad

2) The Divorce of My Parents

3) My Broken Childhood

4) Being Voted Most Shy in High School

5) My Marriage with Anne

6) My Busyness and Finding Balance in My Life

7) Not Spending Enough Quality Time with My Kids

8) My Struggles in Connecting with God

9) My Struggles with Money

10) My Struggles with Forgiveness.

This 10 Week Series will be a summer project for me where I go through a period of inner healing, self-reflection, and personal awareness dealing with areas in my life I have been ignoring. It’s much easier to leave things hidden under the carpet yet if we deal with them there is an incredible freedom. I look forward to be totally free through sharing totally openly about my struggles as a man, as a dad, as a husband, as a son, as a person. I thank you for reading and supporting me in my desire to be open and vulnerable with myself…and with you!