Word of the Year 2015

Do you have a word of the year?

Here’s ours…


Every year, we establish a new word to define our year! We choose one word as our dominant/major theme which helps us keep focused on the bigger picture. We have done it for the last 5 years – here’s a look back at our Words of the Year:

2010 was our year of “Discovery”

2011 was our year of “Marriage”

2012 was our year of “Parenting”

2013 was our year of “Adventure”

2014 was our year of “Teamwork”

2015 is our year of “Growth”

We choose the word “Growth” for 2015 because both Anne and I really feel that we need to grow as individuals (in our relationship with God, in our relationship with ourselves, in our relationship with our health, etc), we need to grow as a couple (in our marriage, in our communication, in our finances, etc), and we need to grow as a family (building up strong children). We look forward to how this growth will look like and we thank you for journeying with us!

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