Time to Move On

Last night I wrote a blog post about Earls that went viral on the internet. At last glance, it had 5000+ page views and close to 30 comments in less than 24 hours. It also led to 2 media interviews with The Province and CKNW. While readership and views are good barometers for the success or failure of a blog, it is more important to engage your readers will positive, uplifting, life-enriching material.

The Earls high chair debate has drained a lot of energy from me – mostly because of all the negative, critical, and judgmental comments I received on the post. I want to keep our blog free of profanity and swearing. While I appreciate the time and effort people put into responding, individually answering each one of those blog posts is going to create more comment battles & online banter – not worth my time and effort. I enjoy respectful dialogue and civilized debate but not name calling and negativity.

So, today I choose to let go and move on. There is freedom and liberation in this decision.

I have a family to feed, a wife to love, a daughter to raise, a blog to maintain, a book to write, people to help, other restaurants to visit. There were 2 choices to make: keep fighting or let go & move on. I had to evaluate for myself and my family what is most healthy and beneficial. I choose to invest my time and energy in these important parts of my life which will bring positive energy to my family.

So, I give up on the high chair debate – may someone else choose to take up this uphill battle. All the best to Earls as a business – it’s unfortunate that they have chosen to not provide high chairs for babies. As a customer with a baby, I disagree with their lack of a restaurant-wide high chair policy. It’s their restaurant, their business, their choice.

Earls 1 – Babies 0

For now, we will find family-friendly restaurants for our baby. Thank you, Boston Pizza, Cactus Club, Denny’s, I-HOP, etc for providing family-friendly facilities and a baby-welcoming atmosphere. Babies are our future, but they are also our present – I’m glad to be living in a city with lots of baby-based activities. One day, our daughter will enter an Earls – I hope they welcome and value her just like any other customer (regardless of age).

Thanks to everyone for the discussion – may we meet on a more peaceful situation next time…with or without baby.