It’s BC Veggie Day!!

This is a guest blog post by my wife Anne Shetty who visited the green house growers at Real Canadian Super Store on Grandview Highway, Vancouver last Saturday, May 23, 2015.  In this blogpost, Anne writes about the BC Veggie Day Campaign which educates the public about green house crops grown in BC.

BC Veggie Day - Rianne

Rianne hanging out at the BC Veggie Day booth!

Last November, I had the opportunity to go to the Chicken Squad campaign and was educated about our BC chickens.  It was very informative and most of all, brought me “peace” that what I eat is actually good. You can read more about that campaign I posted here.  So, when I heard from Ricky that there is a BC Veggie Day campaign he’d like for me to come and see, I did not have any second thoughts! I definitely want to come! I wanted to meet the growers and ask them so many questions and so I did.  Just so you know, I am very conscious of what I buy.  As much as possible, I try to feed our family with what is “natural” and less of the “processed”, and most especially, locally grown fruits and veggies. We are very lucky to be living in a city where this culture is fostered.

You may be wondering what questions I asked.  I’m pretty sure you will ask the same questions.. so here they are! I had quite a chat with one of the growers from Windset Farms in Delta, BC.

BC Veggie Day - Farmer

Robert of Windset farms in Delta BC.

Are they Non-GMO?

YES they are Non-GMO!!! All crops produced by the BC Green House Grower’s Association are Non-GMO. Hooray! I had a follow up question to this.. I asked if it is a regulation of the association to use only Non-GMO crops and it is! You may be wondering if all green houses have to be part of the association… they have to! So.. that goes to say that crops from BC Green houses are all non-GMO! That includes our tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and lettuce.

What about Pesticides?

B.C. green house growers are world leaders in Integrated Pest Management? Growers protect the plants from insect pests and diseases by introducing predatory insects to the greenhouses. Their reliance on using biological controls allows them to use little to no pesticides. That means they introduce certain ‘good bugs’ into their greenhouses that are natural predators of bugs that might damage our plants.

Nice! Another Hooray!

How can we find BC Greenhouse Growers at grocery stores?

Easy! Just look at these brands.

BC Veggie Day - logos

Make sure you check these brands to make sure they are from BC!

Bc Veggie Day - labels


More Tidbits

Did you know, they are all vine-ripened and hand picked to ensure the best quality vegetables reach your table.

The tomato greenhouses use bumblebees to help encourage natural plant pollination, which helps produce the perfect size and shape of our tomatoes.

And some greenhouses have their own packing facilities on site. Staff members follow strict food safety guidelines to ensure the vegetables you eat are healthy and safe. Our vegetables are hand graded to prevent bruising.

Isn’t this #AswesomeAzing??

To see what the green houses are like, you can visit one or check out a virtual tour.

If you really want to know what you eat, I encourage you to ask your local grocery, contact the brands you buy and if they are at the markets come see them and just go ask away!

To know more about BC Veggies Day and the BC Association of Green House Growers, check out their website at

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating!

BC Veggie Day - Peppers

Let me end this post with yummy dolce peppers! So sweet! I will be snacking on it for the rest of my life! And some cucumbers too!