Easter Gift for your Wife

Easter Gifts for Your Wife

Holidays are a fun time and worth the celebration. The holidays between New Year’s and Memorial Day are few and far between, so cherish the ones you have. No matter the size of the gift, I like to surprise my wife with something special as often as I can. With all the bunnies and Easter egg hunts and jelly beans, Easter is typically thought of as a kid-friendly holiday. In many ways it certainly is, but it doesn’t have to exclude your significant other.

Make Easter a little extra special this year by giving your special someone a gift. Don’t worry, you won’t have to stress about your level of artistic talent – be creative. There are plenty of options that require little effort, but send the same message of love. Here are four ideas to get you started:

Create a custom Easter basket.

Go as crazy as you want with decorations or do yourself a favor and pick out one of the colorful ones available at the store. Add in some fake grass and plastic Easter eggs full of surprises – candy, love notes, movie tickets – and create a gift for your wife to open. Add chocolate bunnies or Peeps for nostalgia. Or, mini liquor bottles can be an adult-fun twist.

Pick her flowers.

Ok, you don’t necessarily have to pick them, especially since depending on what area of the country you’re in might still be covered in snow, but you can definitely pick them out. Choose a flower that goes along with the holiday like lilies, daffodils, or tulips. Buy a bouquet or a pot with seeds to watch them bloom. Buying your wife flowers for Easter is sure to be a hit, especially if you are hosting a brunch or activities for your family or friends’ kids where she can proudly display them.  There are plenty of affordable online flower delivery options.

Go for the gold.

Or, silver. Jewelry, that is. What woman doesn’t like getting a nice piece of jewelry? It doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be classic like a new watch or bracelet. Or, buy a piece that reflects a spring-time color like purple or pink. Base your decision on what kind of styles your wife likes best. A good idea can be a charm bracelet with a bunny or chick. If your wife doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, Easter-themed socks or scarves are good options, too.

Breakfast in bed.

Easter, just like any other holiday, usually means a day of planning, cooking, and entertaining. Your wife may have everything under control for the holiday, but show your appreciation and start her morning off right by bringing her breakfast in bed. Scrambled eggs and toast is easy. Store-bought muffins and a latte, even easier. It’s the thought that counts and the thoughtfulness is what she will remember.

Take as many opportunities as you can to celebrate your wife. If you’re being thoughtful and sincere, she’ll like it. With these simple gift ideas, you’ll be sure to make her smile.