Coast Mountain Loop


So far, it’s been a great summer in Vancouver! After almost a week of rain, this week has been sunny and warm so we decided to do the Coast Mountain Loop! We will be driving from Vancouver to Pemberton, taking a small 2 cabin sightseeing train to Lillooet, then to Lytton back to Vancouver. This is the first time we are going to do this loop so it should be exciting with lots of surprises and fun activities for the kids along the way! Each summer, we focus on doing new trips we have not tried before and this summer we get to add the Coast Mountain Loop to our completed road trip archive!
With 3 kids, we always try to pack light! Having travelled a lot in my 20’s, I am a huge fan of packing just what we need. In fact, we will be driving a compact car from Chevy that we are doing a review of (Yes, the 3 car seats do fit even though it’s a tight squeeze for the kiddos). This time, we are not bringing any strollers, just our 1 small bag with clothes and a cooler with some food and snacks! That’s how we roll! This will be little Renzo’s first major road trip – pretty adventurous for a 3 month old!

As we pack, I have to consider comfort and ease as we will be driving for hours and not to mention running after the kids as soon as we unbuckle them from their car seats. My go-to staples have always been comfy shorts and t-shirts. These shorts from House of Fraser is definitely a good choice from dads who like to be fit and fashionable while not sacrificing comfort. Nothing beats the heat like this t-shirt and short combo. Easy, stylish, and comfy! 

I am excited to make wonderful memories with my family on this trip. I anticipate the drive to be spectacular with amazing views and picturesque landscapes of beautiful British Columbia! Make sure you follow us on Social Media for some pictures and videos from the trip.

Have a great summer!!