Christian Dad Bloggers

Recently, my friend Jason Grodan from Dad of Steel¬†and I were discussing how many Christian Dad Bloggers there were around the internet. We didn’t think there were many but the more we Google’d and searched online the more we found. However, we couldn’t find a definitive guide of Christian Dad Bloggers so I decided to create one! ūüôā

1) All Pro Dad

2) Boltonshire

3) Christ-centered Dad 

4) Christian Dads

5) Christian Dads Blog

6) Christian Fathers

7) Christian Single Dad

8) Courageous Christian Father

9) Courageous Vancouver Dad

10) Daddy Blogger

11) Daddy Builders Network

12) Dad in the Middle

13) Dad N Charge

14) Dad Talk

15) Daily Dad Matters

16) Fatherhood Etc

17) Fathering from Home

18) Man of Depravity

19) Man Up 

20) My Christian Dad

21) One Christian Dad

22) Superman Dad

We also have a Facebook Group for Christian Dads, so make sure you join our lively discussions:

Christian Dad Bloggers – Facebook Group

Please let me know if you are a Christian Dad Blogger or know any Christian Dad Bloggers and I’ll add them to the list! ūüôā

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