YVR Travellers Launch Party

After running several #YVRBrands under the “YVR Media Group” umbrella, it was a joy to launch our latest group called YVR Travellers!

Here are the YVR Brands that are already operating:

YVR Dads

YVR Bloggers 

YVR Foodies

YVR Photographers


YVR Masterminds


We just launched our #YVRTravellers Meetup Group based in Vancouver, Canada! So, if you live in Vancouver or are visiting Vancouver, we’d love to have you attend! We meet twice/month (biweekly) on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at The Art Institute. We had almost 50 attendees at our Launch Party!

Travel the World
At our Launch Party, we had 3 speakers sharing about:


1) BC Travel – Adventure Awaits (Jami Savage)


2) Canadian Travel – Teen Across Canada (Kevin Huhn)


3) World Travel – Points U (Allen Chao)


We then had a networking break followed by my keynote presentation on “How to Make, Market, & Monetize a Travel Blog.”


If you can’t make it in person or live outside of Canada, you can still watch the recordings of our presentations on our YouTube Channel:




Here’s more details about the group!


YVR Travellers Website:




Facebook Page:




Facebook Group:



YVR Travellers