Vancouver Christmas Market

One of our favorite family traditions is going to the Vancouver Christmas Market at the Plaza of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre! This year, we got invited on the blogger media tour of the market and got to try out some of the delicious food and drink as well as get some souvenir mugs and tree ornaments. In Vancouver, we have the famous Summer Night Markets in Richmond so it’s good to also have a winter market. Plus, having it outdoors, adds to the magical atmosphere!

Getting a day pass allows you to return any time during the extent of the market so we’ll definitely be back for a second time around. It was a good thing that they are so many different food options as it gives us a reason to come back for more. Plus, there is live music, roaming entertainment, a carousel, lots of souvenir stalls, and much more. It does get cold since it is fully outdoors so make sure you dress warmly!

Check out my exclusive interview with founder Malte Kluetz: