Greater Vancouver Golf Academy

Hockey? Check!

Basketball? Check!

Baseball? Check!

Football? Check!

I’ve played and watched all the major sports. In high school, I was on the Basketball Team for 2 years and in University, we won the Varsity Championships in Floor Hockey (I even have the medal to prove it! And, yes, I scored the game winning goal! It was one of my highlights from my time at UBC). However, since graduating from University, getting married, and having kids, I haven’t been actively playing sports. Sounds familiar? Yes, more and more dads are taking the Homer Simpson Couch Potato route rather than the Michael Jordan Just Do It way!

So, when I got invited to bring a group of YVR Bloggers to the Anthony Pak Golf Academy in Port Moody, I was slightly cautious. I hadn’t really golfed before. Yes, I’ve done Mini Golf at the PNE and Pitch & Putt once, but I really don’t know how to even hold or swing a Golf Club properly. Those are all fears, all doubts, all insecurities. However, in life, you can choose fear or courage. This time, I chose courage and said “Yes!” to the invitation by my good friend Rahim Gulam, the owner and operator of the Great Vancouver Golf Academy.

To tell you the truth, it was easier than I thought. When I arrived, I realized everyone had the same fears as me. Almost everyone was a total newbie. I was not alone…I was in the company of my fellow rookie golfers. After meeting Anthony Pak, the owner of the school, we had some delicious snacks and introduced ourselves and our blogs. Then, it was time to golf! Rahim took us through all the basics: from holding a club, to proper posture, to swinging, and Rahim even came around and made sure we each got 1-on-1 private time with him.

Soon, the adventure was over! Or was it?

Actually, it’s just the beginning since we will be taking our YVR Bloggers on another fun adventure – next time to an outdoor 18 hole course!

Do you think I can handle it?

Why don’t you join me and find out! 🙂

Ricky Shetty