The Empowered Parents Summit

It’s tough to find many other dads who are building their careers out of supporting parents so when I first met Scott Carr a few years ago, I got excited since he is a dad of three girls who has committed his life, his business, and his career to developing the Empowered Parents Network to help support moms and dads around the world! Scott and I have been become good friends over the last couple of years – he was even our keynote speaker at one of our recent YVR Dads events!

Scott has organized the first ever Empowered Parents Summit from Monday, March 2, 2015 to Wednesday, March 4, 2015 from 10 am – 12 pm PST with 9 amazing speakers sharing their experience and expertise in different areas of parenting. I am looking forward to attending and learning how to be a better dad through the summit!

Here’s the link to register for FREE:

Empowered Parents Summit

Here’s more details about the summit:

Let me ask you this, as a parent:

  • Do you find yourself stressed out from the ‘children – parent’ drama of your home environment?
  • Do you find that your children are beginning to shut you out and that your trust and respect levels have eroded?

And… out of curiosity… when was the last time that your children did something special just for you?

If you are interested in solutions to those questions – and reminding yourself how critical a role your own attitudes and actions have in your children’s’ development – then you have got to meet my good friend Scott Carr, who is a parenting and youth thought leader, a ‘solo’ father of 3, and successful entrepreneur.

Scott has created a groundbreaking parenting summit to help you overcome those parenting challenges and also reduce stress and feel empowered in your parenting journey.  Scott has pulled together some of the top influencers and PhDs, clinicians and counselors in the parenting and youth space who are going to share their breakthrough research, strategies and advice on how parents can feel more com

If learning strategies that make parenting more of an empowering and inspiring experience resonates with you, go ahead and learn more from about the topics being covered at this ‘virtual summit’, and here directly from Scott by right here.

Empowered Parents Network