Daddy Blogger TV – Episode 11

Welcome to Daddy Blogger TV – Week 11, Episode 11. In addition to our daily written blog, we do a weekly online TV show highlighting 3 or 4 daddies every week. We started this online interview series to share parenting wisdom with our viewers & readers. These interviews will also form the foundation of our soon-to-be-released book called Wisdom from Daddies. We have a wide variety of fathers on this week’s informative show – all of whom are outstanding husbands and remarkable dads.

This week’s episode is called “Broadway Daddies” and we interviewed 3 amazing daddies, all of whom work as staff at Broadway Church in East Vancouver.

So, here are this week’s interviews:

Week 11, Episode 11 – Broadway Daddies

A) Interview with Paul Moores



B) Interview with Welton Demetrio



C) Interview with Ramaz Atallah



Thank you for tuning into Week 11 of Daddy Blogger TV. Hope that you were educated and inspired by this week’s guest daddies!! We will be airing a new episode every Friday so we look forward to seeing you next week!!

Please leave us a comment letting us know what you learned from our 3 amazing daddies!