Daddy Blogger TV – Episode 8

Welcome to Daddy Blogger TV – Week 8, Episode 8. It’s already been 2 months since our 1st show back in December. In addition to our daily written blog, we do a weekly online TV show highlighting 3 or 4 daddies every week. We started this online interview series to share parenting wisdom with our viewers & readers. These interviews will also form the foundation of our soon-to-be-released book called Wisdom from Daddies. We have a wide variety of fathers on this week’s informative show – all of whom love to write!

This week’s episode is called “Daddy Authors” and we interviewed 3 amazing daddies, all of whom are successful authors, business men, husbands, and fathers.

So, here are this week’s interviews:

Week 8, Episode 8 – Daddies Authors

A) Interview with Tim

Tim has a beautiful 13 month old daughter named Alena. He and his wife have a website where they write about life, marriage, and parenting at Tim & Olive’s Blog. They have a book called Fight with Me and are working on their second book about their first year as parents.



B) Interview with Colin

Colin has a 2 beautiful daughters. He runs the successful business training company Make Your Mark. Colin is the author of Entrepreneur Success Recipe.



C) Interview with Bob

Bob is the father of 4 children (1 son and 3 daughters). He runs Expert Author Publishing, which helps people write, publish, and make money from their book. Bob is the author of 101 Reasons Why You Need to Write a Book.



Thank you for tuning into Week 8 of Daddy Blogger TV. Hope that you were educated and inspired by this week’s guest daddies!! We will be airing a new episode every Friday so we look forward to seeing you next week!!

Please leave us a comment letting us know what you learned from our 3 amazing daddies!