Daddy Blogger TV – Episode 4

Welcome to Daddy Blogger TV, Week 4, Episode 4. This week’s insightful episode is called “Daddy of Five” and we interviewed Joel Hodge, father of 5 (four daughters & one son) as well as grandfather of 2 (one grandson and one grand-daughter).

So, here is this week’s interview:

Week 4, Episode 4 – Daddy of Five

A) Interview with Joel Hodge

Joel & his wife Faye have been great friends to us for many years. In this interview, Joel shares about the unique father-daughter & mother-son bonds as well as the different roles that mothers and fathers have in parenting. Awesome insights by Joel!!



Thank you for tuning into Week 4 of Daddy Blogger TV. We will be airing a new episode every Friday so we look forward to seeing you next week!!

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