Ryan’s First Halloween

Both of our kids love dressing up! Well, it’s mostly Rianne! At almost 1 year, I’m not quite sure if Ryan understands the concept of dressing up just yet (well, his smiles sure indicate that he loves the costumes)! But, then again, Ryan is a super happy baby all the time. It was just last Halloween after trick-o-treating that my wife went into labour!

So, here we are one year later!

This year, we decided to continue our family tradition by going trick-o-treating at Tinseltown Mall. There were about 30-40 other kids all dressed up in creative and unique costumes. They had a Best Costume Contest, some Swag for the kids, and then we did a Group Trick-o-Treating adventure to about 20-25 different vendors.

Rianne was dressed up as Queen Elsa and Ryan was Olaf the Snowman (beautiful handmade dress by my wife Anne). After getting our candies, we went to the Community Fireworks Show at Gilmore Primary School and then did the Halloween Train at Confederation Park. With only a couple of days left until Ryan’s first Birthday, we’ll be doing another celebration this Sunday, Nov 2, 2014 from 3-5 pm!