Rianne’s Jollibee Birthday Party

Today, Anne’s dream came true! We are truly grateful.

Anne has been wanting to go to the Philippines with little Rianne ever since the day she was born.  To Filipinos, family comes first.  To celebrate with friends isn’t the same thing as celebrating with biological family.  We have talked about the opportunity of perhaps celebrating her first birthday party at Jollibee.  At times, it seemed like a dream, not really knowing if it would happen.  There is a difference between dreaming, wishing, hoping and making plans to ensure that your dreams come true.

We made a decision to go!  It was simply a choice – we would celebrate Rianne’s birthday in the Philippines. We would meet Rianne’s grandparents. We would meet all of Rianne’s cousins.  We would be in Manila.  There was no other option.  Making the decision was the first step. Saving money was the next stage – we simply put away a few hundred dollars into our Travel Account monthly.  Within a few months, we had enough to buy the tickets and the rest came from our tax return. At the end of the day, it was God’s provision to bring our daughter across the ocean from Vancouver to Manila.

So, today, was the big day. Our beautiful daughter turned one.  It was on May 16, 2012 that she first entered the world at St Paul’s Hospital. One year later, she celebrated in a whole new country so she could learn about her Filipino heritage. What better place to celebrate than Jollibee – the international fast food chicken restaurant that started right here in the Philippines.

The party was well-organized from the beginning to the end.  Some of the highlights included:

1) A song & dance routine with the Jollibee staff

2) An interview with mommy and daddy about Rianne

3) A battle of the sexes challenge

4) A dancing competition

5) Taking pictures with the 5 Jollibee mascots

6) Singing “Happy Birthday”

7) Cutting the birthday cake

9) Handing out party favours for the kids

9) Signing the giant birthday card

10) Taking pictures with Family & Friends

We are grateful that we made it to Manila. We are grateful that we spent Rianne’s 1st birthday with all of our family and friends. We are grateful that we had an outstanding party at Jollibee. We are grateful.


Jollibee MascotsAnne & Rianne