Our Son Got His PhD

Today was a very proud moment for Anne and I since our son Ryan got his PhD at only 7 months old!

We first found out about the Centre for Infant Cognition at UBC at the Bellies to Babies Trade Show 2 years ago. We’ve already taken Rianne to 9 studies and today was Ryan’s third study. The goal is for both Rianne and Ryan to become Ministers of Education! Right now, Rianne has her Professor Emeritus and Ryan has his PhD. We are allowed to come in once/month until our kids turn 2 years old then it’s once or twice per year plus based on needs of the research department.

The studies have been super fun learning about things such as morality, bullying, friendship, and more!

Here are the 15 different levels available:



PhD – Ryan

Assistant Prof

Associate Prof

Professor (Tenure)

Doctor of Philosphy

Canada Research Chair

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Dean of Arts

Professor Emeritus – Rianne

V.P. of Research

University President

Minister of Education

Here’s a look back at Rianne’s Journey to getting her Post-Doctorate:

1) Bachelors Degree


2) Masters Degree


3) PhD Degree


4) Post-Doctorate

Ryan's PhD