Huggies Diaper Audition

We took Rianne to her first TV Commercial Audition today at Go Studios – it was for Huggies Diapers. The process was really quick. We had to sign a release form giving all of Rianne’s vital details, followed by making her wear just diapers, and lastly the staff member took Rianne into the Casting Room by herself (parents had to wait in the sitting area). They wanted to interact with her by themselves to see how she reacted with strangers.

We’ll get a call back tomorrow if they want to move forward in the audition process. There were about 40-50 babies during our time slot with more coming in at other times so I’m not expecting much just based on statistical probability alone. It was definitely a learning experience either way! I look forward to taking Rianne on many similar adventures in the future.

Have you taken your child to a TV Audition – I’d love to hear your experience!