Baby Swimming Classes

We took Rianne to her first swimming class today at Renfrew Community Centre. She had gone swimming before during our family trip to the Philippines but this is the first time we decided to put her in regular, twice/week parent-tot swimming classes. My wife and I decided to alternate – Anne goes with her on Mondays and I take Rianne on Wednesdays.

During her first swim class they did a variety of floating, jumping, and splashing activities to get the babies used to the water. They also had a variety of floatation devices including a giant blue elephant, styrofoam tubes, as well as toys for the kids to play with. After 45 minutes, Rianne was starting to get really cold – you could feel her shivering and her lips were even becoming purple so we told the instructor and we took her out of the water.

Rianne is small for her age – we are trying to beef her up by giving her more fatty foods – perhaps, the lack of fat made her more prone to the cold. I really wish I could trade some of my fat for her thinness but unfortunately we have to do it the hard way – more food for her and more exercise for me. We look forward to our next series of lessons to see the progress little Rianne makes from today until the final class. It definitely makes me proud as a dad seeing my daughter in the swimming pool for the first time.

Go Rianne Go! 🙂