Video Interviews with 100 Dads

YES!! Mission accomplished! I have completed over 100 video interviews with dads from around the globe over the last year. A lot of them were in person interviews recorded with my iPhone while the others were done through Google Hangout!  There are dads from every continent on the planet (except Antartica - I know there are dads working there but we'll have to wait for one of the Antartica dads … [Read more...]

Chapter 19 – Reconciliation

Bob Burnham was an extra special interview for me, since Bob is the one who helped me put this book together. Bob runs a company called Expert Author Publishing and he specializes in making aspiring authors Amazon best-selling authors.  He runs various workshops, seminars, and training on subject of writing, publishing, and marketing a book. In our interview, Bob shared an inspirational story … [Read more...]

Chapter 18 – Disappointment

It was not something I was expecting. However, it was something that is importance.  My 18th interview took me to Coquitlam to interview Joe from the Apostolic Church that my friend Mo Qumarsi invited me to attend for their evening service. Joe caught me off guard when he brought up the subject of disappointment.  I thought to myself, how can you be disappointed with your children?  However, I … [Read more...]

Chapter 17 – Play

My 17th interview was extra special because it was with my best man from our wedding Richard Leduc.  I have known Richard for the past 5 years from Coastal Church - we met in the fall of 2008 and have kept our friendship alive and strong even though I went from being single, to dating, to engaged, to married, and now a parent.  Richard literally has seen me go through all the important life … [Read more...]

Chapter 16 – Support

Warren Walker has two teenage daughters who are 15 and 13 years currently.  Warren shared his personal experience in facing a length  and difficult custody battle.  Warren emphasized the importance of recognizing Post-Pardum Depression as soon as you can.  He suggested going to a doctor or a counsellor. A lot of moms and dads aren't prepared for Post-Pardum until it happens and then it's too late. … [Read more...]

Chapter 15 – Adaptation

My 15th interview was with C.J. Saini at our 2nd annual Vision Boarding Party in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver.  C.J. is daddy of 2 daughters and grand-father of two grand-kids. One daughter is married and lives in Vancouver while the other is in Toronto.  C.J. talked about the importance of planning ahead, setting up RESPs, helping their kids with their education, and preparing your children for … [Read more...]

Chapter 12 – Communication

Joel Hodge was my 12th interview in my Wisdom from Daddies series. Joel is a father of five children (4 daughters & 1 son) as well as 2 grand-children (1 grandson and 1 grand-daughter). My wife and I know Joel & his wife Faye through Coastal Church in Downtown Vancouver. They have been very supportive in our journey from courtship, to engagement, to marriage, and now to parenting. Every … [Read more...]

Chapter 14 – Joy

I learned the value of joy from my interview with Raj, our waiter during our double date with our good friends Tim & Angie, at New India Buffet on Broadway Ave in Vancouver.  Raj describes how when he comes home from work, no matter how hard his day was, he lights up with joy, when he sees his daughter joy. Raj is originally from India and now lives in Canada so he shared about balancing two … [Read more...]

Chapter 13 – Encouragment

Moe Efan, father of 2 sons (11 and 3 years old) , taught me about the importance of encouragement during our interview about fatherhood at their beautiful family home in Surrey, BC, Canada. Moe also emphasized the importance of spending precious time with your children when they are very young as they tend to not want to spend time with you as they get older. Mo also challenged me when I asked him … [Read more...]

Chapter 11 – Faith

Interview 11 was with John Neufeld - Senior Pastor of Willingdon Church right after their annual Christmas Play. Willingdon Church has a special place in the history of my wife and I since our 1st date took place in December 2009 (3 years ago). Today, we met John Neufeld for the first time. It's refreshing when you meet the guy who always speaks from the podium at the front of the room. At … [Read more...]

Chapter 10 – Follow Through

My 10th interview for my book Wisdom from Daddies was with Tim the Elf from North Pole BC. Tim shared with me to teach your children the importance of follow through and completing what you start. To read more about this fascinating interview, check back here soon! [youtubegallery] [/youtubegallery] … [Read more...]