Visit Downtown Langley This Summer – The 2016 McBurney Plaza Summer Series

The Greater Vancouver Area has a lot to offer to families this summer.  We are very lucky to be living in Vancouver where almost every city is busy organizing great events for families. We even have a hard time putting all these activities on our family schedule.  There's nothing we would want to miss!! The city of Langley is quite special to us.  Visiting its downtown core brings us back … [Read more...]

Meeting John Gray

Today, I had the opportunity to meet best-selling author John Gray - the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus at River Rock Theatre in Richmond. John has sold over 17 million books and his famous book has become the #1 best-selling non-fiction hardback book in history according to Harper-Collins.  He has also become an authority figure in the field of relationships. During my short … [Read more...]

EAT! Vancouver

Free food samples! What better reason to go to EAT! Vancouver than to check out all the stalls, listen to expert chefs, and of course get some delicious food samples! Yes, this is the reason a lot of people attend EAT! Vancouver (and admittedly one of the reasons I went there). You can pretty much feel stuffed just trying out all the samples. However, I discovered there is so much more to see, … [Read more...]

Allan Knight Show

Today I had the opportunity to be a special guest on the Allan Knight Show about the topic "How to Create a Successful Blog." I even got to bring my daughter as a guest siting on my lap for the interview. Allan asked me several questions to do with starting a blog, frequency of posting, monetization, Social media. SEO, etc. One of my passions as a blogger is helping other bloggers succeed, … [Read more...]

Connecting Bloggers & Brands

The top 100 bloggers in Vancouver got together to network and connect with major brands at the VanCity Theatre for the 1st ever Conference for Bloggers living in Vancouver called Connecting Bloggers & Brands.  I was glad that I didn't have to fly across the country to down to the US to end - happy that this conference was right here in Downtown. I met some amazing bloggers, listened to some … [Read more...]

Marketing Mastery Summit

The 3rd annual Marketing Mastery Summit was held this weekend, Saturday & Sunday, April 27 - 28 from 9 am - 5 pm both days.  It was a jam-packed 16 hours full of solid content about the area of business,marketing, and sales. I personally walked out of the room with several take-aways that I intend to implement in my own business ASAP.  The event was run by successful immigrant entrepreneur … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Launch Party

Today was my first ever time at a launch party of a major global brand right here in our backyard in Vancouver!  The Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Party was held at the Rocky Mountaineer Station.  It was my first time ever in this beautifully restored and modernized venue which was formally a train maintenance building. The event was well-attended with 100s of people walking the "blue carpet" to get … [Read more...]

Vancouver CrossFit

I got to try CrossFit for the 1st time today with personal trainer Claude Abrams from the UK. Claude is a dad of 2 who travels around the world visiting each country for 3-4 months! After stops in Europe, Asia, Africa, & South America he has arrived in beautiful Vancouver to work at CrossFit. Claude believes in teaches his children through experiential learning rather than classroom or … [Read more...]

Bopomo Photo Shoot

One of our favorite baby photographers is the hip & trendy Bopomo located in the heart of Kitsilano (on Broadway near MacDonald). The staff is super-friendly and the quality of the photographs is outstanding! Here are some pictures from our recent photo shoot! … [Read more...]

The Bunker Project

What a riot! Fun time @ my 1st ever Podcast! Today, I walked down a short set of stairs off Robson Street to the basement of the rustic Barclay Hotel to take part in the infamous Bunker Project with Bob Garlick & Andrew McGivern - the 2 energetic and lively hosts of the biweekly podcast. There were 4-5 other guests there including Sanj Sukerkar, Bonnie Sainsbury, Margaret Reynolds, Randall … [Read more...]

London School

How do you get a FREE haircut in Vancouver? The best place I have found is London School on Pender St in Downtown (across from VCC). They have students who will cut your hair for free as part of their requirement to complete their course and graduate. I found Joel's "Barber In Training" business card at JJ Beans at Woodwards and booked my 2 hour full service haircut along with his instructor who … [Read more...]