Our Daddy Blogger World Tour Schedule

We started our #DaddyBloggerWorldTour on Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016 and have been documenting each and every day of our travels. This document was originally only intended to be private for our family to remember all the details of our trip. However, my wife encouraged me to share it on our blog so our readers could see the finer details of the itinerary of a World Tour. So, as usual...I listened to my … [Read more...]

Visiting Over 100 Cities in Under 1 Year

WOW! Until I started writing this blog post, I hadn't fully realized how many cities we had been to over the course of this year! Yes, I am counting countries (even those are hard enough to keep track of)! Currently, we are at 28 countries and 4 continents on this trip and 80 countries on 6 continents overall. I guessed that we had been to over 5o cities but once I started tracking them all, we … [Read more...]

My YouTube Income Report

Curious how we make money while traveling the world? One of my biggest passions is helping people become Digital Nomads. I've covered my Income Streams on my Podcast and Media Interviews quite extensively. However, for those who missed those resources, it's been a combination of 4 major ingredients: 1) SAVING - we have used up a lot of our savings on our current Daddy Blogger World Tour. We … [Read more...]

Meandering through Mexico

We just completed an amazing 3 week overland journey from Mexico City to the Yucatan. On this blog post, I'll give a summary of the top 10 places we visited in Mexico. We also had the opportunity to spend Christmas and New Years in the Yucatan (our second year in a row spending winter in a Tropical Country....last year, we were in the Philippines). It's also our 6th year in a row being away from … [Read more...]

The Uniqueness of Uruguay

Our FINAL COUNTRY in South America! We have now visited all 12 countries in South America including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Suriname, Guyana, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and now Uruguay. It's been an incredible 8 months of travel from April to December. It was our first ever visit to South America and we will definitely be back especially since we have yet to visit … [Read more...]

The Allure of Argentina

Argentina is definitely alluring. Just the thought of it makes you want to come and visit! Argentina has been on our MUST-VISIT LIST for years so we were super grateful to be able to visit Argentina not only once but twice during our #DaddyBloggeWorldTour of South America. Our first visit was to Iguazu Falls when we crossed over from Brazil and our second visit was when we crossed over from Chile … [Read more...]

The Charm of Chile

Argentina is alluring, Bolivia is beautiful, and Chile is charming! We had the chance to spend 3 weeks in Chile visiting San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago, and Valparaiso traveling overland from Bolivia into Chile and then into Argentina. Chile is a loooong country so it takes a loooong time to get from North to South so plan for really loooong bus rides or be prepared for some flights. We love … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Bolivia

Our journey to South America has brought us to Brazil, the Guyanas, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and now beautiful Bolivia! We arrived in South America in April 2017 and have been spending 3-4 weeks in each country (depending on the country size and how much we like the country/city/area). We are now at 11 out of the 13 countries in South America with only 2 more to go (Chile and … [Read more...]

Digital Nomad Mastery – Podcast

We started our blog on Dec 6, 2012. Here we are 5 years later, not just blogging, but this year, we launched our Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast too!! We recorded our first episode on May 20, 2017 and here we are writing this blog post in October having recorded over 300 episodes in only 5 months!! It's similar to the start of our blogging journey when we wrote blog posts for 365 consecutive … [Read more...]

Visiting Machu Picchu – A Dream Come True!!

What is at the top of your Bucket List? For me, it's been Machu Picchu for several years now. I've seen dozens of pictures, videos, blog posts, post cards, and documentaries. Every time, I saw one of my Travel Blogger friends take the Iconic Picture of themselves, I wondered if I would ever get there or would it just stay a dream? The thing about dreams is that they can stay as mere hopes or … [Read more...]

Travelling Overland from Lima to La Paz with Peru Hop

Greetings from La Paz, Bolivia! Over the last 3 weeks we have been traveling overland from Lima to La Paz with Peru Hop and Bolivia Hop. Here's the breakdown of our trip: 1) LIMA TO PARACAS We left Lima super early with a pick-up by Peru Hop at our hostel in Miraflores (the major tourist hot spot in Lima). We were very impressed by the punctuality of our driver, the cleanliness of … [Read more...]