Burnaby Central Railway at Confederation Park

Our daughter has a strong love for trains and I am sure our son will love trains just as much when he grows older too! For our family day this week, we decided to check out Burnaby Central Railway in Confederation Park in North Burnaby (just off Willingdon and Hastings). We went there last summer with just Rianne who was too young to fully grasp it back then. This year, we got to bring along … [Read more...]

Fort Langley National Historic Site

This weekend, our family was invited to stay in Fort Langley at the brand new OTentik Cabins right inside the fort. We were originally going to bring little Rianne but when we heard how cold it was in October, I decided to go with my friends Rob Beck and Dave Klassen. The experience began with a 2 hour Ghost Tour around Fort Langley called Grave Tales and the surrounding town including a couple … [Read more...]

Honeybee Centre

This weekend, we had the opportunity to visit the Honeybee Centre in Surrey for the first time. We have seen their annual Honeybee exhibit at the Country Farm inside the PNE Fair and have driven past the iconic yellow barn dozens of times on our way to Surrey and Langley. However, sometimes you just need a good reason to stop before you make a long-awaited visit to somewhere you have been wanting … [Read more...]

Klahowya Village

What better way to introduce your kids to native culture than a visit to Klahowya Village in Stanley Park? Living in Vancouver, it's our job as parents to teach our children the Aboriginal history of our city, province, and country. Our city is rich in Aboriginal culture - you just have to look in the right places. We have taken little Rianne to the Museum of Anthropology which is filled with … [Read more...]

Surrey Museum

If you want to take a deeper look into the history and culture of Surrey, look no further than the Surrey Museum located in downtown Cloverdale. Since we were already in Surrey for the Cloverdale Blueberry Festival, we decided to stop by the Surrey Museum to learn more about a suburb that we don't get out to much. In the past year, the only times we have come to Surrey have been to visit friends … [Read more...]

Burnaby Mountain Park

To end of an eventful today we drove up to the top of Burnaby Mountain for the spectacular view and to give little Rianne an opportunity to run around and play (actually, it's more like walk around since she hasn't learnt to run yet). There's a lot more to Burnaby Mountain than the view although the view is usually what draws people here. There's the delicious Horizon's Restaurant (I really … [Read more...]

Burnaby Central Railway

One of the things we have been wanting to do for a long time has been to ride the Mini Train at Burnaby Central Railway at Confederation Park - especially since having a baby. Sightseeing is a lot more fun with a baby since we are always curious to see what she likes and doesn't like. Well, the mini trains were a big hit with Rianne. She got excited right when she saw the trains and even waved … [Read more...]