Once Upon a Christmas

We are always looking for creative activities to do every Christmas! Yes, of course, there are the annual traditions such as the Bright Nights Stanley Park Train, Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge, and North Pole BC. However, this year, we were overjoyed to get an invitation to attend the opening night of "Once Upon a Christmas" - an original story written and directed by Kristy Provan, … [Read more...]

Profdy Cleaning Services

Have you figured out what is causing you stress? Is it lack of exercise? Lack of sleep? Poor diet? Overworking? How about your living environment? As parents of 2 young kids (3 year old Rianne and 1.5 year old Ryan), one of our major stress triggers is not having a clean living environment. I must admit, with kids, it's super tough to ensure they always eat on the dining table, that they … [Read more...]

18th Amendment Barber Shop

Men's Grooming is a hot trend lately and Daddy Blogger is always looking to review the best grooming places and recommend them to our readers!! This week, we got invited to 18th Amendment Barber Shop in the heart of  Gastown to do a review of their recently-opened shop. Immediately, as I was walked in, I was amazed by the 1920s ambience (hence the name 18th Amendment referring to the Prohibition … [Read more...]

Vancouver Escape Rooms

Team building, creative thinking, and immersive entertainment? Where can you do all of these together? Escape Rooms...of course!! One of the things we love to do at Daddy Blogger is showcase, highlight, and analyze some of the latest societal trends. For this blog review, we spent 5 days visiting all of the different Escape Rooms in Vancouver: that's 15 Escape Rooms in 5 days, averaging … [Read more...]

Pampr Mobile Massage

Having two young kids is super stressful especially lately since they are fighting more and more! I finally understand parents who yell at their kids "Stop fighting", "Don't hit your brother", "Give it back to him", etc. If any of you who are reading have young kids and have a solution/advice for fighting siblings, let me know! A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I finally had a stress-free … [Read more...]

OneDay Instant Movie Maker App

With over 2000 videos, over 500,000 views, and over 500 subscribers on our YouTube Channel, you can say we are definitely huge fans of capturing our kids on video! Ever since that the first moment our daughter entered the world until now with our kids 2.5 years old and 1 year old, we have captured all the important memories for Rianne and Ryan to look at when they are older! Here is the first … [Read more...]

Personalized Gift Ideas – London Drugs Photolab

With Christmas right out around the corner and the malls packed with last-minute shoppers, massive line-ups, and super busy parking lots, why not order a personalized gift from the comfort of your home? That's what we did for our kids thanks to the London Drugs Photolab. We recently did a Photo Shoot with Vancouver-based photographer Edward Lai in Stanley Park and wanted to print out some of … [Read more...]

BioChem Whey Protein

Our family is always on the hunt for the latest healthy products for us to try and review for our readers! When Country Life offered to send us some of their re-formulated BioChem 100% Whey Protein now made from grass-fed cows and Non-GMO ingredients, we had to try it out! Being non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and sourced from grass-fed cows ensures that this is some of the best Whey Protein on … [Read more...]

North Pole BC – Festival of Christmas

Over the last few years, we have developed a number of Family traditions around Christmas from the customary family home activities like putting up the Christmas Tree, decorations, and lights to the sightseeing activities like the Stanley Park Train, Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver Christmas Market, and the Trinity Street Christmas Lights to the more off-the-beaten path, unique and creative family … [Read more...]

Thuggies: Life is Short, Live it Long

"Life is short, live it long" - when I heard that creative slogan for the Vancouver-based clothing company Thuggies, I was immediately intrigued. Thuggies is a company that is ultra fun and laid back - they are serious about their mission to produce comfortable, cost-effective, and creative clothing while at the same time being true to their joyful, easy-going brand imaging. They have found this … [Read more...]

Strongbody Apparel

Usually, there seems to be a massive divide between fashionable clothes and high performance outfits. However, thanks to Quincy Samycia and Meghan Conyers, the co-founders of Strongbody Apparel, there is finally a solution! Even in my case, I live in Burnaby and my personal trainer is in Downtown. Usually, I will have an appointment before or after my workout and always wish I had more stylish … [Read more...]