Hiro Sushi

This is the restaurant we have been waiting for to open up since it is only a few minutes walk from our place! We saw the Hiro Sushi sign back in December but it only opened up a few weeks ago! I never asked what the issue was but I suspect it must have been something to do with permits or licenses! I can honestly say it was worth the wait after our first visit tonight...the ambience was … [Read more...]

YVR Foodies Launch Party

There are food eaters...and then, there are food lovers! Our family loves to eat so it was only fitting that we would organize a food event and build a community of food lovers. Today was the YVR Foodies Launch Party at Siddhartha's Indian Kitchen on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver with 40 food lovers in attendance (it was standing room only)! After successfully running YVR Bloggers, YVR … [Read more...]

Marutama Ramen

With the abundance of Ramen Shops springing up all over Vancouver, it's getting harder and harder to find an authentic, Japanese-themed restaurant in our multicultural city. After reading several food bloggers raving about Marutama Ramen, we had to give it a try! Since we were already going to meet our good friend Bob Molavi for a bite to eat, we invited him along to Marutama. We chose three of … [Read more...]

Chad Thai Restaurant

For Valentine's Day this year we did something creative by renewing our vows at Robson Square (which ended up putting us on Global TV). However, after the big spectacle, we wanted something a little more intimate so we left Rianne at grandmas and went to Chad Thai Restaurant on Hastings St in the Heights, Burnaby for a Valentine's Day dinner! We decided to share a few different dishes … [Read more...]

King Mahal Restaurant

The best bargain buffet in Burnaby!! Who knew you could get an all-you-can-eat delicious Indian buffet at King Mahal Restaurant on East Hastings St in the Heights for only $10! We certainly didn't until today. They had a wide selection of meat and veggie dishes, naan, salads, sauces, plus kheer and Indian sweets for dessert. Plus, you can keep going back for more until your stomach can't take … [Read more...]

Broken Rice Restaurant

What exactly is Broken Rice? Is it just a clever marketing name for a restaurant or is there a deeper reason? Well, we found out the answer this week after visiting Broken Rice Restaurant on Hastings St in the Heights in North Burnaby. We love Vietnamese so it's always good to find a gem like this place - clean, modern, yet authentic and delicious Vietnamese food! Anne and I both opted for the … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

To me, dining out at a restaurant is much more than the food. I seek out the best complete immersive experience. Plus, it's even better when our kids can get into the experience of eating out. We found the perfect family-friendly place where you can take your kids and not worry about them screaming or disturbing other patrons since most of the guests tend to be families with young kids who know … [Read more...]

Urban Thai Bistro

One of the best parts of attending Dine Out Vancouver is going to restaurants for the first time! This week marks several first time restaurant experiences including Urban Thai Bistro in Yaletown. The event "Food for Thought - Awaken Your Senses" was organized by my good friend and event producer Frances Hui. The high calibre event had a good mix of delicious Thai tapas, inspiring live … [Read more...]

Romana Pizza

When we heard the iconic Romana Pizza & Steak House Restaurant was closing for good at the end of March 2014, we had to give it a try! Romana has been Burnaby's longest single family owned and operated restaurant. Finally, after 39 years, the owners are ready to retire. Having just moved to the North Burnaby area, I've been driving past Romana Pizza a lot lately and have been wanting to try … [Read more...]

East is East

This week marked our first ever visit to East is East on Main Street. Their other location is on West Broadway in Kitsilano. Every time I pass by the iconic Indian-Middle Eastern-themed exterior, I want to stop by for a bite to eat. However, it's been such a hectic time with two little kids that we never got a chance to visit even after numerous recommendations by friends and seeing all the … [Read more...]

Stan’s Pizza Joint

Rather than going for the traditional Pizza Hut, Domino's, or Panago's, we have been experimenting ordering from some of the local East Vancouver/Burnaby pizza parlours. After all, we are living in the midst of a densely populated Italian area, so the pizza and pasta restaurants in this area have to be delicious! Seeing the 2 for 1 pizza specials, we chose these two delicious specialty pizzas from … [Read more...]