The Story of our Home

One of our goals since we got married on Canada Day 2011 was to buy our own home. Finally, in December 2013 our dream became a reality! :) Here is the story of our home: Like most married couples, the first few years we started by renting. For over 2 years, we rented a ground level suite on Renfrew Street in East Vancouver. However, our goal was always to own our own place. Our dream of home … [Read more...]

Buying a Home in Vancouver

Buying a home in Vancouver is...expensive! Honestly, most people (including us) can't afford it. Hence, we are settling for a condo for now and leaving our dream of buying a house until we are making more income and can afford it. Since a home is more than a house, it's really what we make it as a family. This has been an incredible learning adventure so far. So, what have we learned so far in … [Read more...]

Buying a Home

One of our major goals for 2013 is to buy our own home. It looks like this goal will be coming true in the next few months. We are super excited about this next major step in our journey through life! After renting our little 2 bedroom ground level suite on Renfrew St in East Vancouver for the last 2 years, it's time to move from renting to owning. Lots has changed in two years! First dating, … [Read more...]