12/12/12 @ 12 midnight!!

Happy 12/12/12!! I am writing this on Dec 12, 2012 just after 12 am midnight! Numbers have always been significant to me. I feel that numbers mean something...kind of like a personal milestone marking our unique time and place in history. It gives the important moments of my life meaning and a reason to celebrate. My wife and I have kept track of all the firsts ever since we were dating and all … [Read more...]

A Baby Changes Everything!!

A baby changes EVERYTHING...yes, I repeat...EVERYTHING. All of sudden your priorities change, your lifestyle changes, your schedule changes, your sleeping patterns change...even your friendships change. Our daughter was born on May 16, 2012 (over 6 months ago) and in these short and fast 6 months we have had to make major life adjustments and adaptations - some good, some bad, but all … [Read more...]

Marriage Before Parenting

The foundation of marriage is parenting. To be strong parents to our children, we must first be strong husbands and wives to each other. Anne and I have have just been married for two years so we are still in the honeymoon stage of our marriage. Now that we have a baby, we must always remember to first build a strong marriage and make sure that we both are healthy and happy so we can be the best … [Read more...]

The Royal Family & The Royal Baby

The Royal Family (Prince William & Princess Katherine; better known as "Will & Kate" to their millions of fans worldwide) announced today that they are expecting their 1st baby. The world has watched their relationship from the beginning: from dating, to engagement, to the wedding, to their marriage, and now to their upcoming journey as parents. This is a great news!! Every announcement … [Read more...]

Baby Essentials

Now that baby Rianne is 6 months old, we decided to look back and see what are all the essential must-have baby products as well as the highly recommended items. This list is of course subjective as at the end of the day, the main thing a baby needs is for his or her parents to love each other and love him or her. So, here is our Top 10 baby essentials: 1. Diapers 2. Stroller 3. Car … [Read more...]

Welcome to Daddy Blogger!!

Thank you for visiting Daddy Blogger. This is our 1st ever blog post on our website!! Daddy Blogger is run by Ricky Shetty from Vancouver, Canada along with his wife Anne and daughter Rianne. We started this blog to help other new and expecting parents, to give a father's perspective into parenting, and to build an online archive of memories to give to our daughter one day. May this blog … [Read more...]