The Modern Glam Experience

This is a blog post written by my wife, Anne - she is an amazing writer and I look forward to including Anne in many more of my blog posts! One night, my husband Ricky came home from an event and said.. “I’ve arranged something to have photos of you taken”. I did not say a word yet but at the back of my head.." I thought to myself, "Just Me? Or is this the same as our many family photo shoots … [Read more...]

The Hotel Breakfast Room

Pam is currently a Kindergarten teacher smack in the middle of California (no, not on the coast). In the 25+ years she's been a teacher, Pam has taught in public and private schools. She's taught grades K-5th, except 3rd grade. Pam's been collecting humorous quotes & stories from the classroom for the last 15 years, & is ready to share some of them. Aside from being a teacher, Pam has the joy of … [Read more...]

Giving Birth at Home – A Firsthand Experience

A stay-at-home-mom by choice, Erika is a photojournalist born and raised in Peru. A mother of one, Matias (18 months old), she and her husband gave birth at their home in Hawaii. Currently living in Vancouver, Erika believes in cloth diapering, baby wearing and breastfeeding her son. She shares with us her birthing story in this inspiring guest blog … [Read more...]