Eat St TV Show Interview

Today we had the opportunity to be interviewed by Eat St about the Street Meet Food Truck! Eat St is doing a 30 minute show about four different food trucks in Vancouver. They are filming four days in a row at different locations in the city. Since we were already in downtown for the Anime Revolution, it was an easy stop for a quick lunch at Street Meet before heading to the festival. Here's … [Read more...]

Global TV Interview

This morning, I had the opportunity to do a live TV interview for the first time in my life at the Global BC Headquarters in Burnaby. The show was AM/BC with Jill Krop and they did a 7 minute segment on fatherhood, Daddy Blogger, and my new book "Wisdom from Daddies." I've been on TV several times before and even done a few radio interviews (Rick Cuff's Morning Show on CBC, The Bill Good Show on … [Read more...]

Babble’s “Best of Blogs”

I'm excited to announce that I have been nominated for Babble's "Best of Blogs" Award for my blog post called "Marriage Before Parenting." One of my personal passions is building strong marriages. It is my strong and firm conviction that "to have a strong nation, we need strong marriages." Hence, I was quite vocal about the subject of marriage when I proposed to my wife and we also got married on … [Read more...]

McCain Modern Dads

For Father's Day this year, McCain Canada contacted three of Canada's top dad bloggers including yours truly to do a Facebook Event chat about different topics to do with parenting and the changing face of fatherhood in the 21st century. The conversation was included in the new blog called The All Good Blog. The three dads included in the segment were: 1) Adam Dolgin - Fodder 4 … [Read more...]

Fairchild TV Documentary

Today I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Fairchild TV about being a work from home dad. First the reporter (Claudia Lau) and two cameramen came to our home and asked me a series of questions about fatherhood, parenting, blogging, book writing, and more as well as got some footage of me playing with Rianne, reading her some stories, feeding her, and putting her to sleep. After this … [Read more...]