Union Station Hotel in Nashville

One of the most beautiful and unique hotels I have stayed in during my life so far: Union Station Hotel in Nashville! When I walked into the front lobby, my jaw dropped at the luxurious and elegant interior! Stay tuned for videos! … [Read more...]

Legends Hotel

What incredible hospitality!! When we arrived in our room at Legends Hotel in Whistler, there were two hand-written notes: one to "The Shetty Family" and another to "Rianne & Ryan." Plus, there was a gift basket and stuffed teddy bear for our kids. The hand-written note to Rianne and Ryan is what really moved us and stood out to us...it was not only an instantaneous "WOW!" but a continuous … [Read more...]

Hampton Inn Bellingham

If you have an early flight out of Bellingham like we did, why not stay right near the airport so it make getting to the airport and on your flight on time much easier. Since we had a 7 am flight from Bellingham to Oakland, we opted to stay at the Hampton Inn Bellingham Airport. They also have a park and fly option (it costs only $30 for 10 days if you stay at the hotel). Plus, they have a free … [Read more...]

Tiki Shores Condo Beach Resort

We had the pleasure of staying at the beautiful Tiki Shores Condo Beach Resort right alongside Okanagan Lake in Penticton. We couldn't have asked for a better location as we were literally meters away from the lake! The condos are all individually owned by private owners so there is no real owner of the entire resort (rather it's a collective of owners). There is also an outdoor swimming pool … [Read more...]

Prestige Hotel Salmon Arm

After a long day of driving, the perfect way to relax is in a comfortable hotel room with a gorgeous view while the sun is setting! Well, this is exactly what happened to the Daddy Blogger family as we arrived at the beautiful Prestige Hotel in Salmon Arm. As we checked in, we were given the choice of a lake-view room or a designer culturally-themed room. After looking at both, we opted for the … [Read more...]

Riverland Inn

We spent our first night in the Okanagan at the beautiful Riverland Inn along the banks of the Thomson River in Kamloops. Since we had arrived late at night from Vancouver, we had no idea what to expect as it was pitch black when we checked into the hotel. When we woke up, we were astonished by how gorgeous a view we were blessed with directly from our river-front room! Plus, breakfast was … [Read more...]