Nutrition Facts Table – Do you know how to read it?

This year, I've made a commitment to take charge of my health.  I admit, I am not the healthiest but I've made a conscious decision to be healthier! And this campaign  by the Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), in a joint effort between Health Canada, Retail Council of Canada (RCC), the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG), the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign (NFEC) is … [Read more...]

February Heart Month

My wife and I are always worried about the health and well-being of our aging parents. Anne's family lives in the Philippines and mine are here in Vancouver. Anne keeps regularly communication with her mom and dad however I can always see the sad look in her eyes when she hears that her parents are having health challenges. In the past, she's been tempted to want to jump on a plane just so she can … [Read more...]

Shoppers Drug Mart #GetTheMostOutOfLife

A new month marks a new beginning!! For the month of March, I am grateful to be working a new campaign with Shoppers Drug Mart called #GetTheMostOutOfLife! Shoppers, whom we regularly go to since there is one only 3-5 mins drive away from us, has just launched Life Brand, a new info hub for families, parents, and individuals looking to be better informed on how to best take care of their health … [Read more...]

Healthy Family Expo 2015

Last year, I had an amazing time at the Healthy Family Expo!! We had a Daddy Blogger and YVR Dads Booth at the expo to connect with all the dads were at the Expo. Yes, there were lots of dads and not all of them were just carrying bags around. I had some amazing conversations with dads-to-be, new dads, and dads with multiple kids sharing our experiences as fathers! Quite a few people picked up a … [Read more...]


For my birthday this year, our good friend Moneca Yardley gave me a 10 Day Transformation Cleanse! It's my first time ever doing a 10 Day Cleanse so stay tuned for the results!! The cleanse is supposed to make you lose 5-10 lbs! I also go to the gym with my personal trainer Troy Tyrell so balancing the need for regular exercise, quality nutrition, and consistent sleep and rest. Here is a … [Read more...]

Chicken Squad Campaign

This is a guest blog post from my wife Anne Shetty who visited the Chicken Squad Farmers at Save On Foods last week! Make sure you follow along her blog at! In this blog post, Anne writes about the Chicken Squad Campaign which educates the public about how healthy the chickens are in our province. With all the food scare going on in the past few years like GMO crops, steroids, … [Read more...]

Shiatsu Shaman Massage

My wife and I are always looking for new & creative ways to de-stress, relax, and take our minds of our busy lives of running our own businesses and having 2 young kids! Our good friends John & Christine Ferreira, known as The Shiatsu Shaman and The Shiatsu Shaman's Wife, recently came over to do a Family Shiatsu Treatment for Anne, Rianne, Ryan, and myself! I was first in line lying on … [Read more...]

My First Qigong Experience

I have heard about Qigong for years but didn't have the chance to experience it for myself until today! At our YVR Bloggers Health Panel last week, Caroline MacGillivray, the founder of Beauty Nights Society, shared her passion for medical Qigong and then invited me to try a session. At first, I wanted to research about Qigong and learn as much as possible, so I even Google'd and Wikipedia'ed … [Read more...]


This November marked my fifth annual Movember campaign to raise funds for prostate cancer research. I have been doing it every year since 2008. Now that I have my own blog, my voice on creating awareness is much bigger. One of the reasons for growing a Mo was to stand in solidarity with other men from around the world. It's a simple act but it's a powerful inner statement and visual reminder of … [Read more...]

How to Overcome Jet Lag

Right now, it's 3:30 pm Manila time and 12:30 am Vancouver time. We just arrived in the Philippines this morning after a red eye overnight flight stopping in Taipei, Taiwan for 1 hour. I am extremely exhausted because I hardly slept on the plane and little Rianne has been sleeping for about 2 hours already - she probably thinks it's the middle of the night even though the skies are bright, blue … [Read more...]

WOD for Kids

What's a WOD? For those of you who aren't part of the CrossFit phenomena that is spreading across North America, WOD stands for "Workout of the Day." Antonio Zivanovic, CEO of Corporate Occupation Solutions, is the founder of WOD for Kids - a non-profit with the goal to help children living in BC. The main workouts for WOD for Kids will be on Saturday, April 20, 2013 all day - wear your … [Read more...]