Whistler Children’s Festival

We have taken Rianne up to Whistler twice! Once when she was only 6 months old and the second time when she was 18 months old. This weekend, we were back again...now, she is 2 years old and can appreciate a lot more of what she sees and does! This trip was extra special because it was Ryan's first visit to Whistler! We were invited to come and cover the Whistler Children's Festival this year and … [Read more...]

Dine Out Vancouver

One of our favourite annual food traditions is Dine Out Vancouver. We will be going to a few Dine Out Vancouver events this year so make sure you check back into our blog regularly over the next few weeks for reviews of some of our favourite restaurants and events. We are excited to be attending the "Food for Thought - Awaken Your Senses" event at Urban Thai Bistro this Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014 … [Read more...]

Vancouver International Film Festival

Tonight marked the closing gala of the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) with final screenings at The Centre for Performing Arts and The Playhouse. I went to the 9:15 pm screening of Faces of Love staring Annette Benning, Ed Harris, and Robin Williams. The Centre was my former workplace so there will be always a sense of nostalgia whenever I return...tonight was no exception. In … [Read more...]

Mexico Fest

Being avid travelers, the Daddy Blogger family loves supporting local, ethnic festivals. This weekend, we had the opportunity to visit Mexico Fest at the Vancouver Convention Centre inside Canada Place. They were live bands, arts and crafts vendors, Food Trucks, and more. We opted to try out the delicious Arturo's Mexico To Go and loved every bite! It was also fun running into the MaxFrut … [Read more...]

Langley Good Times Cruise-In

This weekend was definitely a highlight for car enthusiasts with two different cars shows: one in Downtown Langley and the other in Vancouver at the Van Dusen Gardens. We ended up going to both shows on different days. The Langley show had a lot more cars but most of them were vintage. In addition, the Langley Cruise-In had a motorbike show, racing, and lots of vendors...even In-N-Out Burgers were … [Read more...]

Luxury Supercar Weekend

The event to be at this weekend was the Luxury Supercar Weekend at the Van Dusen Gardens. I was glad to attend the media event on Friday and come back on Sunday with Anne and Rianne so I got to see it twice! The setting was perfect for a car show especially considering the beautiful sunny weather we had over the weekend. Everyone was dressed up so they could take some candid, high-end pictures … [Read more...]

Pink Salmon Festival

There are cultural festivals, music festivals, and children's festivals so why not a festival for pink salmon? Well, that's exactly where we ended up this weekend: the Pink Salmon Festival. If you are a fan of seafood, this was the place to be on Sunday! My wife loves salmon so she was so glad that I brought her here! Best of all, they had delicious plates of salmon (3 different varieties) all by … [Read more...]

Stanley Park Birthday Celebration

People celebrate birthdays! Cities celebrate birthdays! So, why not parks? Well, this year marked the 125th birthday of Stanley Park and Vancouver decided to go all out with a massive celebration at five different areas within the park with different themes including: 1) Music (Second Beach) 2) Family (Lumberman's Arch) 3) Culture (Rose Garden) 4) Nature (Lost Lagoon) 5) Sports … [Read more...]

Richmond Raptor Festival

This weekend, we had the opportunity to see raptors up close! They weren't raptors like from Jurassic Park or raptors like from the Toronto Raptors NBA basketball team, but real life birds of prey...vultures, eagles, owls, and more! On Sunday, we visited the annual Richmond Raptor Festival held at Terra Nova Rural Park in north-west Richmond right along the Fraser River. It was Rianne's first … [Read more...]

PNE Fair 2013

The annual PNE Fair is back this year to mark the final two weeks of summer before kids go back to school and people start preparing for the fall. Today was the first day of the Fair so we went down in the evening to check it out. They have quite a few new attractions this year including: 1) The Genghis Khan Exhibit 2) Duel-ing Pianos 3) Sportacular 4) 80s Forever Show 5) Summer … [Read more...]

Anime Revolution

This weekend was the annual Anime Revolution Festival at the Convention Centre at Canada Place. It was our time ever visiting an Anime Festival and we had lots of fun! The best part of Anime Festivals like this is seeing the hundreds of Cosplayers (Costume Players) who are basically super-fans that dress up in their favourite anime character costumes. We'll definitely have to come back in costumes … [Read more...]