3 Tips to Being a Better Dad

I had the privilege of speaking about "3 Tips to Being a Better Dad" at ModernFamilyExpo at the Pinnacle Hotel in North Vancouver. It's my second time speaking about fatherhood outside of our regular monthly YVR Dads Meetups. The first time was last Spring at Bellies to Babies and this time it was at the first annual ModernFamilyExpo. It's such an incredible privilege and blessing to be able to … [Read more...]

Interview with Chef Daryle Nagata

One of my passions at Daddy Blogger is showcasing dads from around the world! I love connecting with other dads that have a common passion for fatherhood. I've interviewed over 120 dads now from all walks of life: from entrepreneur dads, to personal trainer dads, to political dads, to pastor dads, to stay-at-home dads, to divorced dads, to dads of twins, and more. However, I've never interviewed … [Read more...]

Fatherhood is like Shaving

Every now and then you hear a quote that really makes you stop and think! Well, I found the perfect quote today that has definitely got me in the "thinking zone!" Since I am doing a presentation next month at the Modern Family Expo about "3 Steps to be a Better Dad", I've been reflecting on the qualities of a good dad over the past few weeks. A good dad is more than just the protector and … [Read more...]

YVR Dads at Dueck on Marine

Our first YVR Dads Meetup of 2014 was held at the massive Dueck on Marine dealership in South Vancouver. The Dueck on Marine dealership went above and beyond our expectations treating us like "Daddy Kings" with a welcome sign saying "Welcome YVR Dads!" as well as a nice spread of snacks, soft drinks, and water. Meeting in a car dealership seems like the perfect venue for a group of dads! For … [Read more...]

YVR Dads at Kingsway Honda

Our November YVR Dads Meetup was held at Kingsway Honda with keynote speaker Faissal Khattak from The Leadersmith talking about "How to Teach your Kids about Leadership." In addition, Tobin Smith talked about "How to take Good Pictures of Your Children." After a short workout with Matt Collinge and Kayvan Khalilzadeh, we had two mini speeches: Ali Fadaie shared about "Teaching your Kids about … [Read more...]

YVR Dads at Mazda

YVR Dads is back! Our first fall Meetup was at the Destination Mazda dealership on Boundary and First Avenue in East Vancouver. The place was packed with dads from as far away as Delta and Langley. Even with a hockey game on, dads made the choice to come connect with other fathers. Even though we only meet up once/month, it's always one of my highlights to meet up with such passionate dads - we … [Read more...]

Boot Camp for New Dads

There are thousands of pre-natal classes just for moms and some groups for couples too but hardly any programs focused primarily on new and expecting dads. This weekend, I had the opportunity to share about my passion for fatherhood at Bellies to Babies giving a keynote presentation called "Boot Camp for New Dads." I started the talk by giving some background info about my passion for fatherhood, … [Read more...]

Man Up Grooming

Today marked an important life milestone...my first ever pedicure. It's amazing because in the span of one month, I've done my first ever facial and my first ever pedicure. Looks like I've finally started taking care of myself - it's important for men to take pride in how they look and ensure they take care of themselves. After growing up incorrectly thinking manicures and pedicures were only a … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Activities

I received an email today from Tourism Surrey asking me what my suggestions are for Father's Day. It's actually an excellent question because there are an abundance of different options for Father's Day. So, what's the best activity to do with your dad or with your children? Well, I really don't think there is such a thing as an objective best activity. It's more about what's best for you as a … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father's Day just around the corner, the question on everyone's mind is "What should I get my dad?" I don't think there is one correct answer to this question but I think there are a few suggestions that almost every dad would love! 1) Electronics or Gadgets - what dad wouldn't love the latest and greatest piece of technology? 2) Tickets to a Sporting Event - most dads love sports so … [Read more...]

YVR Dads at the Harley Shop

YVR Dads had our 4th meeting today and we met at the Trev Deeley Harley-Davidson Motorbike Shop on Boundary Road in East Vancouver. Our special guest speaker was Rupert Whiting from Focal Point Coaching who shared about "What Can we Learn from our Children." We also had Gary Bizzo share his personal testimony of losing his daughter - all of the dads were completely moved by Gary's powerful … [Read more...]