The Baby & Tot Show

I had the opportunity to speak at another parenting show last weekend! This year, I have had the opportunity to speak at 3 different baby trade shows including: 1) Modern Family Expo in North Vancouver 2) Baby, Belly, & Kid Show in Surrey 3) Baby & Tot Show in Abbotsford Last weekend's Baby & Tot Show in Abbotsford was one of the best - well organized, lots of room, good … [Read more...]


As a passionate dad blogger and cofounder of YVR Dads, I am always looking for groups and organizations that support men's work! When my good friend told me about ManTalks this week at the Plenty of Fish Global HQ, I had to go and visit! The vision is a powerful one: select a group of 4 men to share about a particular topic to a room full of both men and women. It's an opportunity to have real … [Read more...]

Overcoming Approval Addiction

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback in my journey to becoming more vulnerable. So far, I have covered some pretty heavy topics including my broken relationship with my father, the divorce of my patterns, my experimenting with drugs, my struggles with my marriage, and today I cover my journey to overcoming approval addiction. I have struggled with wanting and needing approval my whole … [Read more...]

Struggles with My Marriage

I love my awesome wife Anne! She is such an amazing woman...full of joy, inner peace, and a desire to help others. Anne comes from a strong family and makes our family strong by all the hard work, time, and dedication she puts into taking care of our home and raising our kids. As you saw from my previous posts, my family was so broken growing up so I've learned so much about a loving family just … [Read more...]

Experimenting with Drugs

This is part 3 of my summer series where I explore the more vulnerable parts of me. I have discussed my relationship with my dad in part 1, the divorce of my parents in part 2, and today I examine the effects of that divorce - a journey into experimenting with drugs. During my early 20s, I spent a year exploring Europe, backpacking through the mainland and doing a working holiday in London. … [Read more...]

The Divorce of My Parents

Welcome to my journey into vulnerability. This is part 2 of my Summer Series where I seek to be more vulnerable with myself and you (my readers). It's difficult to be vulnerable (especially as a man). It took me a while to be vulnerable. Society tells us to be strong, don't cry, don't show your emotions. However, that's simply not reality since we are sometimes weak and at other times strong, we … [Read more...]

My Relationship with My Dad

Welcome to Part 1 of my summer series called "My Struggles as a Dad" where I share openly and honestly about the areas of my life that I'm struggling with. Today's post is one of the most difficult ones (and one that I've been trying to avoid for so long): My Relationship with My Dad Broken relationships effect almost every other relationship in your life. My relationship with my dad is … [Read more...]

My Struggles as a Dad

I am excited to launch a new series on my blog called "My Struggles as a Dad." It's easier to focus on and write about the good stuff and make it appear that everything Is always positive all the time. I tend to be an optimist and happy-go-lucky yet I also want to share both the good and the bad. It would be nice if everything was 100% positive all the time. However, that's simply not reality. I … [Read more...]

Reflections on Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day!! Sunday, June 15, 2014 - it's the one day in the whole year where dads get all the attention! However, just like motherhood, fatherhood is a 365 day - 24/7 job. I definitely think it's a good thing to have a day to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more...however, I think it's important to celebrate these occasions the whole year too (not just on the one … [Read more...]

The Joy of Being a Dad

It's the small things that are the big things. Lately, I have been so focused on building my businesses that I haven't been spending as much quality time with my kids. Plus, even when I am with them, I find that I am focused on my business still. My wife really challenged me on this issue over the weekend. So, today, I turned off my computer and left my mobile at home to take Rianne to play! … [Read more...]

YVR Dads at Dueck Richmond

We have all heard of the Knight's Round Table, but what about a Dad's Round Table? Tonight, at Dueck Richmond, a group of passionate dads met to learn, connect, and grow both personally and professionally! Usually, all our dads sit down classroom style facing the front of the room to hear from our line-up of guest speakers. It's speaker and audience. However, since it was a smaller group … [Read more...]