One Year Anniversary in our Apartment

Nov 15, 2014 - today marks our One Year Anniversary since we bought our apartment in North Burnaby! It was on this day one year ago that we took possession and got the keys for the first time. Our first 2 years of marriage, we were renting a Ground Level Suite in East Vancouver. However, we had a dream: a dream to own our own place! A dream to be home owners! A dream to build a home for our … [Read more...]

Disney On Ice: Let’s Party

Rianne and Ryan have grown up with Disney all around them. From Mickey & Minnie Plush Toys, to the Mickey Mouse Club on TV, frequent visits to The Disney Store in Metrotown, and, of course, the live shows of Disney on Ice at the Pacific Coliseum. It's become an annual tradition in our household! This November, Disney on Ice is back with a brand new show called "Let's Party" with over 50 … [Read more...]

Ryan’s First Birthday Party

It was a short year ago that our son Ryan was born! November 2, 2013 was a day that changed our life all over again! Here's a link to Ryan's Birth Story: Ryan's Birth Story - Nov 2, 2013 Here we are, one year later! Our son can now crawl, stand, and will be walking and talking soon! To celebrate Ryan's first birthday, my wife and I organized a Superman Birthday Party at our home in … [Read more...]

Identity Theft

Identity theft is not something people like to talk about. Usually, we assume it's something that will happen to others not us. However, the reality of the situation is that it could happen to any one of us at any time. Tonight at YVR Dads, our guest speaker George Greenwood, an expert in the area of identity theft, shared "7 Tips for a Happier and Safer Family." 1) Reduce the risk of … [Read more...]

#DateNight at Air Supply

To have a strong marriage, it's essential to have regular date nights with your spouse. Since we have 2 kids under 2, my wife and I have been finding it hard to invest the quality time that is necessary to build and grow a relationship! Tonight, we decided to leave both Rianne and Ryan at grandma's and go on a date night to see the Air Supply Concert at the PNE! We loved the music, audience … [Read more...]

Dominic Chan Photography

With Rianne, we did several photo shoots. However, with Ryan, we did our first family photo shoot this week. It must be "First Child Syndrome"...focusing so much attention on the "Firsts" of your first child while not celebrating enough of the special moments of your second kid. Can any other parents with more than one child relate? This week, we did a photo shoot with both Ryan and Rianne at … [Read more...]

YVR Bloggers Dinotown Adventure!!

It's all about family. Dinotown was founded by the Ell Family in 1975 and almost 40 years later, it's the son of the former owner who runs the operation with his daughter and a dedicated and passionate team of workers. Dinotown is now located at Cultus Lake in Chilliwack! However, in the last 3 decades, this family-friendly amusement park has been at Bridal Falls, Cloverdale, almost at Stanley … [Read more...]

Granville Island Kid’s Market

We took our kids to Granville Island Kid's Market today. Rianne got to play lots of fun games and got 95 tickets to redeem for some great prizes! We have been to the Kid's Market several times before (e.g. Trick-or-Treating for Rianne's first Halloween, Rianne's second haircut, and other times just to go shopping at all the awesome kid's stores). However, we never played in the games arcade until … [Read more...]

Ryan’s Baby Dedication

Ryan turned 6 months old on May 2, 2014 so we decided to do his Baby Dedication on the same day as Rianne's Birthday Party so we could have a double celebration at our home with our family and friends. As Christians, one of our goals is to raise our kids in a godly environment with God as the centre of everything we do. Consequently, we go to Church on Sundays, pray before our meals, and ask God … [Read more...]

Rianne’s 2nd Birthday Party

Can't believe we are already celebrating Rianne's 2nd Birthday Party! We actually did Ryan's Baby Dedication in the morning followed by Rianne's bIrthday party in the afternoon. After booking Renfrew Community Centre last year, we decided to host her party at home this year (partially to save money but also to welcome people to our new home). We were worried it might rain and we wouldn't be … [Read more...]

Happy 2nd Birthday, Rianne!!

Just 2 short years ago, our lives were radically changed forever! Our daughter Rianne was born on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 and here we are exactly 2 years ago in 2014. We are doing the official Birthday Party this Sunday, May 18, 2014 at our home. To celebrate Rianne's birthday, we drove her to Maple Ridge to be in a Music Video, followed by a haircut at Brentwood Town Centre, and finally a cake … [Read more...]