Coast Mountain Loop

  So far, it's been a great summer in Vancouver! After almost a week of rain, this week has been sunny and warm so we decided to do the Coast Mountain Loop! We will be driving from Vancouver to Pemberton, taking a small 2 cabin sightseeing train to Lillooet, then to Lytton back to Vancouver. This is the first time we are going to do this loop so it should be exciting with lots of surprises … [Read more...]

Baby Renzo – Global Video Release

It's been ONE MONTH since Baby Renzo's Birth on Friday, May 6, 2016 at 8:30 am at Burnaby General Hospital. Renzo has been growing bigger and bigger. Renzo's older siblings Rianne and Ryan love playing with him and they LOVE him so so so much. It's amazing to see our 3 kids interacting and connecting even though they are all under 5 years old. One of our passions at Daddy Blogger is to … [Read more...]

Mothers Day – Gift Idea

Dads aren’t always the best at remembering Mother’s Day and it’s sometimes difficult to find the right gift. However, this Mother’s Day, we can remember to make sure the special women in our lives get a gift worth remembering: a personalized message from the kids that will automatically be delivered to her on Mother’s Day.  Zang’s “Forget Me Not” service allows users to pre-record and … [Read more...]

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

First came Rianne... Next came Ryan... Then came Baby # 3!! We are excited to announce that my beautiful wife is pregnant and due on May 28, 2016. We found out a few months ago but kept it quiet during the first trimester only telling very close family and friends. Now that Anne is in her second trimester and we are entering a New Year, we wanted to share the GOOD NEWS with all of our … [Read more...]

Global Money Transfers with CIBC

Can you really send money around the world with no service fee? Thanks to CIBC Global Money Transfer, CIBC customers can send money to family, friends, or business associates anywhere in the world at no charge. My wife regularly sends money to her family in the Philippines. This will also come in handy for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions throughout the year. Plus, we will be … [Read more...]

It’s BC Veggie Day!!

This is a guest blog post by my wife Anne Shetty who visited the green house growers at Real Canadian Super Store on Grandview Highway, Vancouver last Saturday, May 23, 2015.  In this blogpost, Anne writes about the BC Veggie Day Campaign which educates the public about green house crops grown in BC. Last November, I had the opportunity to go to the Chicken Squad campaign and was educated … [Read more...]

Easter Gift for your Wife

Easter Gifts for Your Wife Holidays are a fun time and worth the celebration. The holidays between New Year’s and Memorial Day are few and far between, so cherish the ones you have. No matter the size of the gift, I like to surprise my wife with something special as often as I can. With all the bunnies and Easter egg hunts and jelly beans, Easter is typically thought of as a kid-friendly … [Read more...]

Edward Lai Photography

When looking for a good Family Photographer, we consider a few different qualities: 1) Personability - how well does the Photographer connect with us and with our kids? 2) Creativity - how creative a photographer is he or terms of posing, shots, and final results? 3) Experience & Expertise - how much experience and expertise does the photographer have in capturing families, … [Read more...]

Word of the Year 2015

Do you have a word of the year? Here's ours... GROWTH!! Every year, we establish a new word to define our year! We choose one word as our dominant/major theme which helps us keep focused on the bigger picture. We have done it for the last 5 years - here's a look back at our Words of the Year: 2010 was our year of "Discovery" 2011 was our year of "Marriage" 2012 was our year of … [Read more...]

Goals for 2015

On Jan 1, 2015 of every year, we write down our goals on our blog!! We have done it for the past 3 years - here's a look back at our goals over the last few years: Goals for 2015 Goals for 2014 Goals for 2013 As we enter 2015, we are excited to see what the New Year has in store for us as individuals, as a couple, and as a family unit!! Anne will be writing her goals on her website … [Read more...]

Year in Review 2014

One of our annual traditions at Daddy Blogger is to do a Year in Review post where we share some of the highlights from the past year as well as our annual Year in Review Highlights Video! It's been an amazing year of growth for our family of four! We have each grown as individuals, as a couple, and a family unit. We have built up some strong communities in Vancouver and ran several successful … [Read more...]