Baby’s First Plane Trip

Mission accomplished! We succeeded in bringing our 11 month old daughter Rianne from Vancouver, Canada to Manila, Philippines. It was her first ever plane trip and our first family vacation overseas. I must admit we were quite nervous and worried before taking our daughter on the plane, probably because of hearing all the nightmare stories of babies crying and screaming the entire … [Read more...]

Neale Bacon – Venriloquist

The perfect addition to a Kid's Birthday Party is Ventriloquist Neale Bacon - a children's performer based out of Vancouver, Canada. We first met Neale at the Baby Show at the PNE Forum and knew right away that we wanted him at our daughter's 1st birthday party!! Neale did a 20 minute magic and Venriloquism performance in front of an excited and lively group of kids!  It was super entertaining … [Read more...]

Rianne’s 1st Birthday Party

Rianne's 1st Birthday Party was held at the Renfrew Community Centre in East Vancouver will over 60 guests in attendance including 50+ adults and 10-12 kids.  We had 2 massive rooms booked for a 2 hour time slot so it was a jam-packed event from beginning to end!  Here are some of the fun activities that took place (make sure you watch the video below)! 1) Welcome from Ricky & Anne/ … [Read more...]

How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party

I have organized flash mobs, business networking events, social events, seminars, conferences, webinars, surprise parties, a proposal, a wedding...and now for the first time in my life a kid's birthday party! For the last 3 years, I've surprised my wife with a birthday party (she doesn't know where but she has started to suspect a party is in the works around her birthday).  Even through … [Read more...]

The Party Bazaar

Organizing a Party? Don't know what to do next? Not sure where to get quality decorations? From our experience, the best place to look for decorations, costumes, and balloons for a party is The Party Bazaar. They have 2 locations in the Lower Mainland: Vancouver & Langley. They have decorations for basically every occasion and they put a strong emphasis on birthdays, grad parties, … [Read more...]

Fan Expo Vancouver

The place to be for fans of comics, TV, and movies this weekend was the annual Fan Expo Vancouver held at the Convention Centre in Canada Place. From the moment you arrive at the entrance, you see hundreds of fans dressed up as their favorite superhero characters! Plus, they all are more than happy to pose for pictures. They have found their passion and they don't mind expressing it … [Read more...]

4Cats Art Studio

"Art is Good!" From the moment we walked into 4Cats Arts Studio, I felt completely immersed in a whole new world of art, fun, and creativity.  My rational, left-brain turned off while my artistic, right brain got energized, excited, and activated by all of the art I was surrounded by. Over the next hour, I could feel all of my senses absorbing a wide variety of colours, shapes, and textures, … [Read more...]

Staccato Studios

"Memorable. Motivating. Music." This is the inspiring slogan for Staccato Studios in North Burnaby. Today we had the opportunity to try out their program for babies called "Music Together." Little Rianne got to sing, dance, and play instruments with a small group of parents and children. My wife tends to be more of the musical one in our family but I still had lots of fun trying to learn the … [Read more...]

The Snapachoo

One of our friends A Clay McRae has just launched a brand new children's fashion clothing line called "The Snapachoo." We were one of the first people to try it out! The premise behind The Snapachoo is that it's removable bib attached to a baby's clothes. So, if your child makes a mess while eating and drinking, you simply replace the Snapachoo with another Snapachoo and voila...a brand new … [Read more...]

Pebble Baby Store

Daddy Blogger loves visiting and reviewing various baby shops in the Lower Mainland! One of our favorite baby shops is called Pebble, which is in the fashionable Kitsilano Neighbourhood of Vancouver on Arbutus & 11th. The shop is run by the welcoming owner Jordan & friendly manager Nicole. The unique quality of this alluring shop is their focus on local, organic, natural, & … [Read more...]

Camilo the Magician

Magic brings out the inner child in all of us - a time and place of mystery, of illusion, of surprise, of wonder,...of magic! It really feels like you are a little boy getting surprised by all the magic tricks and illusions happening on stage before your very eyes. Today, my best man from my wedding Richard Leduc, and I attended the Camilo the Magician's Enigma Show at the Granville Island … [Read more...]