Lexux NX Press Preview

Lexus held a Press Preview in Nashville for their brand new 2015 Lexus NX Crossover SUV! I'll be writing a more in-depth review when I get back to Vancouver but here's a picture of the sleek and stylish Lexus NX taken in front of the Parthenon in Nashville. One of my favourite features was the built-in wireless charger (the first car in the world to have this practical and important … [Read more...]

Ford Escape

Lately, our family has been thinking of getting a new car. Our 2005 Honda Civic has outgrown itself since we now have two young kids and have to carry a double stroller around. Our dilemma is should we move from a family car or sedan to a mini-van or sedan. Since the Ford Escape is the best selling SUV in Canada, I had to do a review of it to see how it compares to other SUVs. Firstly, with a … [Read more...]

Toyota Prius Hybrid

A couple of weeks ago ,we had the chance to do a one week test drive of the brand new 2014 Toyota Prius. Our family are big fans of Hybrids because of the eco-friendliness, low gas prices, and longevity of the cars. Plus, the majority of the taxis in Vancouver are Prius cars so they must be awesome! :) Here's a video review of some of our … [Read more...]

Chevrolet Safe and Sure

At the Vancouver International Auto Show last week, I had the opportunity to talk with some of the team from the Chevrolet Canada Safe & Sure Child Car Seat Installation Program which just launched in Toronto and Vancouver! The program is a collaboration between Chevrolet and Parachute to ensure that Canadian parents drive safely with their kids safe and secure in the child seats. They focus … [Read more...]

Chevy Equinox

Our latest car review was the Chevy Equinox! We are currently driving a Honda Civic but now that we have two kids, we have been thinking of upgrading to a SUV. The Civic is an awesome family car but we really need more space - more space for me as the driver, more space for our passengers, more space for my wife, more space for both kids in their car seats, and more space in the trunk for a … [Read more...]

Infinity Downtown Grand Opening

Infinity Downtown had its' grand opening party today with live entertainment, free food and drinks, and a chance to test drive the latest 2014 Infinity models! I had the opportunity to test drive the brand new 2014 Q70 SUV - first time I've ever driven an Infinity. I found the SUV was a little too big for my liking so I would probably try out the smaller SUV next time (Q60). I guess I'm used to … [Read more...]

6 Cars in 6 Weeks

I was recently asked to do some one week test drives of the Ford Media Fleet based out of Vancouver. Having a 2005 Honda Civic, I was glad to drive some 2013 and 2014 models. I left my Civic in the parking garage while I tried out some of the new Fords. In fact, Ford will always have a special place in my heart since I learned how to drive using my mom's silver Ford Escort when I was 16 years old. … [Read more...]

Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 will always have a special place in our hearts since we got to bring baby Ryan home in this car. After doing a one week test drive with the CX-5, this week I got to try out the beautiful family car Mazda 6 from Open Road Mazda in Port Moody. Driving 2 Mazda's over the past two weeks has really made me a fan of these Japanese-made vehicles. Some of the unique features of the Mazda 6 … [Read more...]

Mazda CX-5

After doing a Ride & Drive with Mazda at the Pitt Meadows Airport, I was super excited to do a one week test drive of the brand new 2014 Mazda CX-5. I've never driven a SUV before so this was even more of an adventure being seated higher up with lots of power and lots of room. I have owned a Ford Escort, a Dodge Neon, a Chrystler Inteprid, and a Honda Civic but never a Mazda - although I did … [Read more...]

Audi Driving Experience

Today, one of my dreams came true. As part of the Audi Driving Experience, I got to test drive some of the best Audi models with no limits! They had three tracks set up at Pitt Meadows Airport with no speed limits, no traffic, and no fear! It was such a rush (the feeling of driving a car at maximum performance is indescribable). We started with a delicious catered lunch followed by a 15 minute … [Read more...]

Hyundai Genesis

Earlier this month, Hyundai Canada contacted me about test driving their brand new Hyundai Genesis Sedan for a week. After thinking about it for half a second, I immediately said "Yes!" After all I have been driving a 1995 Honda Civic so it was awesome to drive a brand new car which was much roomier and had much more power! There were several key features about the Hyundai Genesis that stood … [Read more...]