Book-O-Beards – A Wearable Book

Have you heard of a wearable book? We certainly hadn't...until we got a copy of Book-O-Beards for us to review on Daddy Blogger! This such a creative way to read a book! Basically, there are 5-6 characters all with different beards and a short phrase for you to read to your kids! We had so much fun reading the phrase and passing the book around from Rianne to Ryan and then back to me! They … [Read more...]

God and Grandpa

We love receiving books in the mail for us to review! This particular book stood out from the rest in many ways! I already knew the author Justin Farrell as we had a Skype dialogue last year about a Father-Daughter Conference he was organizing and looking to bring to different cities across North American. Justin and I have several things in common: we are both in our 30s, we are both happily … [Read more...]

Small Things Considered

It's been a while since I did a book review so when Joel Schwartzberg suggested I review his brand new book called "Small Things Considered: Moments from Manliness to Manilow", I decided to take him up on the opportunity! This is Joel's second book after his ground-breaking "The 40 Year Old Version" where he shared humorously about his divorce and the after-effects. In "Small Things … [Read more...]

Set a Goal, Get a Goal

Zahra Jiwani has combined a few of my greatest passions into one creative book called "Set a Goal, Get a Goal." Those passions including parenting, kids, creativity, and goal setting! When I heard about Zahra's new book from a mutual Elementary School friend Rahim Jivraj, I knew I had to support this book with full force! I personally only learned about goal setting in my 20s when I started … [Read more...]

A Man’s Work is Never Done

I was immediately captivated by the title: "A Man's Work is Never Done." Jim Cloughley's debut novel is at its' heart a book about mentoring our sons told in the form of a narrative. The front cover photo shows four generations of men: a great-granddad, a granddad, a dad, and a newborn son. In my case, my dad's father died before I was born so I only knew my grand-dad from my mom's side. … [Read more...]

[BOOK REVIEW] “Jackie” by John Tammela

Some of our best memories are formed in childhood. However, if we don't write them down they are soon forgotten. John Tammela chose to write down his childhood memories not in the form of a memoir but in terms of a biographical story! John writes about his experiences a Canadian boy of Finnish descent and the adventures he got up to from building forts to playing home to exploring the … [Read more...]

Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi

When I heard the creative title "Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi", I knew had to do a review for fellow dad Brian Leaf. The subtitle is even funnier: "Cloth Diapers, Cosleeping, and My (Sometimes Successful) Quest for Conscious Parenting. This is not a advice book, it's a personal insights book. Brian shares lessons he has personally learned on his journey through fatherhood (adding humour and … [Read more...]

[REVIEW] Bad Dad

When I first read the book title "Bad Dad", it definitely made me pause and think! What exactly was this book about? Bad Dad is the second book by award winning author Derek Munson. Derek has done a great job of making the reader think deeper about their own parenting and fatherhood. Even though the pictures and story are light-hearted, there is a deeper message about the importance of being a … [Read more...]

[Book Review] Hospice Voices

I recently received a review copy of Eric Lindner's brand new book "Hospice Voices." Reading through "Hospice Voices" flooded my mind with memories of volunteering at a Senior's Home in North Vancouver when I was in University. I still have many fond memories of connecting with seniors post-retirement and hearing all their wonderful stories and insights from a life well lived. Eric puts these … [Read more...]

9,000 Miles of Fatherhood

This week, I had the opportunity to interview Kirk Millson, author of the soon-to-be released book "9,000 Miles of Fatherhood." Kirk took his teenage son on an epic road trip to Latin America which profoundly and deeply changed both of their lives forever! During our interview, Kirk shared the powerful transformation that place in the inner identity of his son - so incredibly moving! This … [Read more...]

[BOOK REVIEW] Organic Beauty with Essential Oil

My first book review of 2014 is "Organic Beauty with Essential Oil" by Rebecca Totilo.  So, why exactly is a Daddy Blogger reading an organic beauty book? As you may have read on my Essential Oils blog post, I have been using Aromatherapy over the past few months and the oils have kept me super healthy through the cold and flu season. I've had a personal passion for essential oils since University … [Read more...]