Sending Money to Family Members Overseas


Since my wife lives in Vancouver and her parents live in the Philippines, we often send money home to support them in daily expenses, getting medicine, and special occasions. After all, they are both retired and they don’t have a Government Pension Plan like Canada does. That’s one thing I love about Filipino culture – the strong family ties. Even though the kids are overseas, they don’t forget their parents who were instrumental in raising them up. I’ve seen it time and time again, not just with my wife, but with her Filipino coworkers and friends – almost all of them work hard to support themselves here but also support their families at home.

There are several ways to send money overseas from traditional services such as Western Union to more modern approaches such as PayPal. However, there is usually a fee associated with Western Union while the problem with PayPal is that it takes a few days to  be transferred to their bank account. So, is there a faster and cheaper alternative?

Thank you to CIBC’s No Fee GMT (Global Money Transfer), you can save your family money (no fee on either end) and save time as well (fast and free turnaround).  Here is an article about 12 ways you can send money online. As you can see from reading the points, almost all of them have an associated fee and turn-around time. The feature that really stands out with CIBC is the no fees and easy accessibility. Plus, CIBC has a strong and solid banking reputation unlike some other fly-by-night companies.

We have been CIBC customers for a few years now so we are looking forward to sending money to Anne’s family in the Philippines this holiday seasons. We would love to hear about how you send money overseas.

Once again, to find out more details and try out CIBC No Fee GMT for yourself, check out:


*DISCLAIMER: This post is brought to you by CIBC Global Money Transfer™. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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