ManuLife #CentsAbility CheckOut

I checked in at the beginning of October, checked up at the middle of October, and checked out at the end of October for the ManuLife #CentsAbility Challenge. For the whole month, I tracked expenses, looking for unique tips for saving money on my trip to Toronto, in my business, with my wife and kids, and in our day-to-day living.

For this post, I’m going to outline 10 Ways how I save Money in my Business. For those of you who don’t know, in addition to Daddy Blogger, I am the founder of the YVR Media Group which includes YVR Bloggers, YVR Foodies, YVR Dads, YVR Events, & YVR Masterminds. These event series are based on building communities around people’s common passions and the focus is on education, personal growth, and networking.

So, here’s some ways I save & make money in running these businesses:

1) Getting Venues Sponsored (I use creative venue spaces such as Car Dealerships, Co-Working Spaces, Video Production Studios, Corporate Offices, etc which helps promote the business and also adds variety to my events)

2) Getting Photography & Videography Sponsored (I help new and aspiring photographers and videographers promote their work by adding their logos to our Event Invite and sharing their pictures and videos across our network)

3) Getting Food & Drinks Sponsored (for my YVR Foodies events, I get light snacks sponsored and run the events between 2-4 pm so people aren’t expecting a major meal)

4) Getting Volunteers to Help Out (instead of hiring contractors or paid staff, I empower volunteers to help run the events. In return, I give them free admission and tickets to some Media Events I get invited to)

5) Asking Affiliates to Help Market the Event (the hardest part of event production is marketing and getting paid attendees so getting affiliates and joint venture partners to help market my events help tremendously)

6) Asking Speakers to Promote the Event (almost every speaker wants to speak to as many people as possible so I ask for their help in promoting the event to their personal & social network and email lists)

7) Writing Off as many Business Expenses as possible (one of the best tax-saving strategies is to run your own business and write off part of your home, car costs, restaurant meals, education & training, business operating costs, etc)

8) Getting Household Items Sponsored (we have our Laptop, Tablet, Printer, Cell Phone, Coffee Maker, Blender, Vacuum Cleaner, Kids Toys, & more given to us in return for reviews of these products)

9) Taking Sponsored Trips (this year alone, I’ve been to Nashville, San Francisco, Toronto, and Whistler all on sponsored trips; these helps to get away from Vancouver to recharge and come back even more empowered)

10) Eating at Home, Take-Aways, & Food Courts (Restaurant Meals can definitely add up so you can save a lot by eating before you go out or after you come home, getting healthy take-aways, or eating in food courts when you are on the go)

What ways do you save money in your business and in your every day living?

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