Manulife #Centsability 30 Day Challenge

If you are like me, you are just not that into budgeting! In our home, my wife is the strong budgeter and financial manager. Luckily, I married someone who is “money savvy!” My beautiful wife Anne handles our mortgage, our bills, our paycheques, our expenses, etc. She’s simple better at financial management, budgeting, and money tracking/admin than I am. However, after being married for 3 years, I’ve realized that I must also be aware and responsible of our finances instead of just saying “it’s my wife’s job” or “she deals with it.”

When I got invited to join the #CentsAbility 30 day Challenge by the team at Manulife, at first I was excited but then I got a little apprehensive. I’ve never been good at budgeting, why start now? My wife is good at it, why should I get involved? Will I really be able to become a good budgeter? Instead of getting stuck in Analysis Paralysis, I decided to leap in and take the challenge!

So, starting Oct 1, 2014, I’ll be doing the 30 Day Challenge and sharing updates on my blog and social media so make sure you follow me along in my journey to take control of my finances.

I have 3 major financial goals for the month:

1) Save $1000 for our trip to the Philippines

2) Limit myself to 3 meals out each week

3) Avoid impulse buying the entire month

However, instead of just watching from the sidelines…why don’t you join in and take the challenge with me? There’s always strength in group accountability and support so I’d love to support you in your journey to be #Centsable

Here’s a link to the campaign video:

Also, please join us for our Manulife #Centsability Twitter Party on Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 6 pm PST!