The Idea Party

Ideas are at the very heart of innovation, change, and transformation!

Tonight, I had the opportunity to present “Blogging for Business: Making, Marketing, & Monetizing Your Blog” at The Idea Party at Suite Genius for the first time ever! I have been to the Idea Party as a participant twice before (once was at the YWCA as part of Vancouver Business Network and the second time was at ING Direct).

So, what exactly is an Idea Party?

What happens is that several people go up to the front one at a time and share their business challenges. The group then brainstorms about suggestions on how they can overcome their challenges! After the person shares for 30 seconds, he or she has to stay silent and just listen to the ideas from the group while another person is the dedicated scribe and takes notes about the ideas generated.

It’s fascinating the hundreds of ideas that are generated through the collective intelligence of the group!

Make sure you come out and participate in the next Idea Party!

The Idea party