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We started our blog on Dec 6, 2012. Here we are 5 years later, not just blogging, but this year, we launched our Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast too!!

We recorded our first episode on May 20, 2017 and here we are writing this blog post in October having recorded over 300 episodes in only 5 months!! It’s similar to the start of our blogging journey when we wrote blog posts for 365 consecutive days. It was a Daily Blog for the first year and it has been almost a Daily Podcast for our first 6 months of podcasting!

I really enjoy Podcasting as it’s a LOT easier than Blogging. You just need to organize the schedule with the interviewee and then push start and stop broadcast when recording the show on Google Hangout. We keep the video version on YouTube and put the audio version on iTunes. We also put the podcast links on our blog so we can reach people through different mediums (written, audio, and vide0).

Some of the lessons learnt from interviewing over 300 guests:

1) People usually are willing to be on your show

At first, I was afraid that no one would like to be on my podcast. Or, I would only get family and friends but nobody well-known or famous. That was definitely my own inner critic talking as I have had multi-millionaires and major travel influencers on the show including John Chow, Yaro Starak, Casey Fenton, Gary Arndt, Erin Bender, and more.

2) People have a lot to teach you

I was surprised how open and transparent people have been on the show…much more than I expected! They share some of their biggest struggles and lowest points in their lives very openly with our audience. Also, our guests share their very practically, their strategies of how they make multiple streams of  income as digital nomads.

3) People love to listen to your show

Another big fear I had when we started was that nobody would listen to our show. Well, over 1,000 people have already watched or listened to the episodes and we have got several 5 star ratings and reviews. Best of all is when I get a personal or private message thanking me for how good the show is and how much they have learnt from the interviews.

Here’s some of our favourite episodes so far:

1) Episode # 1 – The Launch of our Show

2) Episode # 100 – Celebration Party

3) Traveling to Over 100 Countries

4) Interview about Making a Difference while Traveling 

5) Interview about Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

6) Interview about Visiting Machu Picchu in Peru

7) Interview about Creating your own Bucket List

8) Interview about Retiring Early and Traveling

9) Interview about Becoming a Travel Influencer

10) Interview about Earning Over $1 Million Online

11) Interview about Making 7 Figures as a Blogger

12) Interview about Visiting all 7 Continents in the World

13) Interview about Family Travel for 9 Continuous Years 

14) Interview about How to Break Into Travel Writing 

15) Interview about How to See Everything & Go Everywhere

16) Interview about How to Create a Successful Podcast 

17) Interview about Building a 6 Figure Coaching Business

18) Interview with the World’s Most Travelled Man

19) Interview about being a Digital Nomad in Thailand

20) Interview with the Founder of Couch Surfing 

Here’s our Playlist of all 300 Episodes so far:

We have also broken down our Episodes into different categories based on subject!

1) Interviews with Travel Bloggers

2) Interviews about Family Travel 

3) Interviews about Couple Travel

4) Interviews about Solo Female Travel

5) Interviews about Budget Travel

6) Interviews about Luxury Travel 

7) Interviews about Teaching ESL Online

8) Interviews about Paid Professional Speaking 

9) Interviews about Online Coaching 

10) Interviews about Travel Hacking 

Stay tuned for Episode # 300:

Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast