Daily Video Affirmations

Every year, I look for new and creative ways for me to achieve my goals for the year!

For 2015, I am doing a Daily Video Affirmation which declares my top goals for the year!

Here are my first 4 Video Affirmations – I do them once in the morning and once in the evening.

In my affirmations, I declare out loud and publicly what I will achieve in the New Year!

I include success as defined by me personally which is holistic:

1) Faith – building my personal relationship with God

2) Family – focusing on building a strong family unit (first with my wife Anne and secondly with my kids Rianne and Ryan)

3) Finances – declaring my financial goal for this year (which is 6 figures/$100,000 = $80,000 Active & $20,000 Passive)

4) Fitness – being in the best shape I can be (I weight 180 lbs and have a waist size of 32 inches by Dec 31, 2015 at 11:59 pm)

5) Fun – enjoying my life to the fullest (taking 4 family vacations/year, doing things that bring me joy, personal growth, professional speaking, running events)

6) Focus – as the acronym states “FOCUS” (Follow One Course Until Successful) – being dedicated to my vision and goals no matter what happens

7) Future – leaving a legacy for my kids by helping them discover their unique God-given identities and personalities.

Here’s a picture my wife took while I was doing my Video Affirmation today – it turned out good even thought I wasn’t looking!!