Beta Collective

Being a work home dad is extremely difficult especially with 2 little kids wanting and needing your attention consistently. I find my most productive hours are when my kids are napping in the afternoon or sleeping at night. At times, I will go to a coffee shop when I need to get work done. However, even then there are distractions from other people talking and coming in and out. And, a private office is much to expensive when you are a new entrepreneur building a business.

So, what’s the solution?

One creative way to solve the problem is coworking (many entrepreneurs and business owners working together).

Today, I had the opportunity to visit Beta Collective in Surrey (only a few minutes walk from King George Skytrain Station). They just opened up 3 months ago and have done some major renovations to make the place look welcome and hospitable! They have a kitchen area, boardroom, projector, shared desks, and private office rooms to rent. Plus, they are kid-friendly. In fact, when I visited the co-founder’s daughter was hanging out with daddy for the day.

So, if you are like me and find it hard to work with your kids around, perhaps check out coworking as a creative alternative to working from home.